nerdroticBalladeer’s Blog gives a shoutout to Nerdrotic as his Friday Night Tights show livestreamed from the Las Vegas Meetup this past week from Wednesday on. Here’s a nice short video sample of what Gary, Jeremy and countless others were up to while partying out there in Vegas. All of them are a lot of fun to be subscribed to! (And before any angry Crimson Tide fans weigh in, I’m sure Gary knows that Jeremy was wearing an Alabama hat, but was just pretending it was an Atlanta Braves hat to goof on Jeremy.)

You can subscribe to Gary’s Nerdrotic Live channel HERE. And, as ever, some of the comments under the video are an interesting mix of takes.


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  1. I had to resort back to your post:
    regarding what you shared for those of us who don’t want tracked by Big Tech (NSA is bad enough)…
    I wanted to tell you, I was given a Voodoo Lilly, and this morning I photographed it for the first time with my phone. At the end of this post was a 2-part Ebay ad, one of which showed a pic of the same plant titled, “bad smell flower”, which, is what my plant is – eventually it will produce a bloom that smells like rotten flesh (which is cool, considering they must rely on flies to propagate their species). I’m just saying… they’ve got me, “They” saw it, and here I am, smacked with an ad for it for the first time ever – on the first day I’ve ever photographed it. I wonder how ads on our site target people. This isn’t related to this post, which is great, by the way, but had to tell you, thought you’d find it interesting, yet expected.

  2. Abel Sr

    Thanks for publicizing Nerdrotic! He is my new hero!

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