SUNSET (1988)

SunsetSUNSET (1988) – James Garner portrays old west lawman Wyatt Earp while Bruce Willis plays silent film star Tom Mix as the pair try to solve a murder in 1929 Hollywood. Don’t expect realism but DO expect a very entertaining movie.

For a silent movie geek like me Sunset is irresistible. Not only do you get Tom Mix but Malcolm McDowell portrays Alfie Alperin, a Charlie Chaplin pastiche who, believe it or not, is the story’s villain.

Hell, We even get a partial reproduction of the very first Academy Awards ceremony.

Garner is pitch-perfect as the elderly Earp and Willis is serviceable as Mix. The pair are at their best in wry conversations which reflect on the artificial nature of both their reputations.

The murder “mystery” is a composite of a few real-life Hollywood killings of the time period. If you’re not a fan of Garner or Willis or silent movies you may want to give this one a pass.



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14 responses to “SUNSET (1988)

  1. Absolutely love this movie. I was actually thinking about it the other day and tracking it down, because I think our youngest would enjoy it. He would have been about four or five the last time we watched it.

  2. Roger

    Garner sucked ass.

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