Joe Biden dem in dementiaIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog decided to take a break this time from examining Joe Biden’s damage to the working class and the poor, to his KIDS IN CAGES which far outnumber anything seen under Obama and Trump, to his ongoing scandals and humiliations, and simply post about his well-deserved ridicule over his repeated inability to climb stairs.

Don’t snivel to me about it, Democrats. As if you wouldn’t run with footage of a Republican president doing this. (Think of Ford in the 1970s.) And considering that you hate-filled zealots paniced over every single thing de facto Third Party President Donald Trump said and did, and the way you flooded the nation with bizarre jokes implying he wanted to have sex with one of his daughters, you trashy hypocrites have no standing to beg for “decorum” when it comes to the Great Pretender. 


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  1. hocuspocus13

    Well … If your interested

    Project Veritas is at it again

    They have undercover film footage of Texas holding facility for illegal aliens

  2. Mac Mcleod

    Biden is such a joke and so obviously coached and installed, not elected.

  3. Cycstorm

    Great! Biden is a disgrace and an idiot.

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