UnmaskedHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I found Unmasked, courageous journalist Andy Ngo’s expose about Antifa, the fascist group which pretends to be anti-fascist, very interesting. Antifa (really KLAN-tifa) is not just an American hate group which uses anonymity and hatred to push its agenda, they are active in multiple countries. If you support mask-wearing thugs who use violence, violence and more violence then YOU are the fascist, not the people you criticize.

Andy Ngo has been physically attacked by the mindless mobs of Antifa, who continue threatening the brave reporter. Unmasked includes details on the plight of the innocent victims of the group during their celebration of hatred and violence in the summer of 2020. In some parts of the Pacific Northwest such riots on the part of Antifa continue to this day.

The bookfascists of the future also features some of Antifa’s documents expressing its views and methods. The fact that the group does not want its views and methods to receive such scrutiny reveals how terrified of the truth they are. Antifa – officially or not – has powerful politicians supporting them as a de facto intimidation group for one side of the aisle, so it’s good to see a courageous reporter willing to speak truth to power. 

In my opinion Antifa is a recent manifestation of a phenomenon the world has seen a lot of in the past. Masked, weapon-wielding haters like this often band together to try to make up for what useless, impotent little people they are individually. In fact a good definition for these black-clad Nazis would be: “Large numbers of simple-minded fascists acting in concert.”

Think of the way an army of ants, strictly by virtue of their numbers, can sometimes overwhelm and devour entities far greater than themselves.  ANTIFA: Their colors are red and black, just like the insects they so resemble!

Antifa is that you 


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  1. Damion

    Ngo is a fine reporter and a true journalist.

  2. Aptsolecist

    Andy is a hero!

  3. Alex Chaudhari

    Andy’s efforts are appreciated. The man has courage.

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  6. beans legit

    Thanks for speaking out on Andy’s behalf. He is one of the most courageous reporters of the past decade.

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