Sometimes it feels like I’m about the only person on the internet who has not weighed in on the whole Channel Awesome/ Change the Channel controversy from a few years back. More and more of you readers have been asking me how I feel about the whole thing, since videos and articles addressing the situation continue to be released, so here we go.

I don’t know enough about it or about the various side issues. I would say ProcrastiTara has one of the clearest looks at the scandal and the “Not So Awesome” document with its list of complaints and accusations. For her video about this topic click HERE.   

For a shorter and more skeptical take from a different source click HERE. For what it’s worth that second video got a comment from Lindsay Ellis, one of the figures in the story (her remark is still in that video’s comment section). She said

“… this is the only response video to the whole trash fire I’ve seen that a) assessed the situation fairly and b) didn’t get anything factually wrong.”


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  1. Having invested about 45 seconds in each of the videos linked, all I can say is, “Boy, am I glad that I am so inanely focused on politics.”

    • Ha! Me too! And it gets worse – the online document tastelessly mixes in serious accusations like sexual grooming and similar offenses with some of the pettiest office politics you’re likely to encounter outside a faculty lounge.

  2. Darius

    I never heard of any of these people.

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