epics of enkidu sizeAHMED ALAMEEN, motion-comic creator and best-selling author of the novel PSYCHS, has just launched his independent graphic novel project THE EPICS OF ENKIDU! Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog are familiar with my obsession with ancient mythology, so it goes without saying that I love the premise of this tale, which combines super-heroics with mythology and autism awareness.

The man-beast Enkidu, the foe-turned-friend in The Epic of Gilgamesh, has survived to the present-day. He surfaces in a hospital, suffering from amnesia. Can an encounter with an enigmatic superhero revive his memories or will these two figures, who should be allies, instead be doomed to fight it out in a tragic misunderstanding of Earth-shaking proportions?

Epics of EnkiduAhmed’s nephew, who suffers from autism, served as the inspiration for the superhero in this story. This will make the character the first neurodiverse superhero in comics history.

Alameen’s intention is to raise awareness about autism AND present a sympathetic portrait of its sufferers which is empowering rather than limiting. He eloquently elaborates on all of that at the Indiegogo page for THE EPICS OF ENKIDU.

In addition to the usual extras and perks for a project of this kind, there are also options for helping those diagnosed with autism if you prefer to go that route.

For superhero action, the revival of ancient mythological figures AND the opportunity to help out a worthy cause, click HERE . And be sure to check out the promo video!    



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  1. The comic book is now Live on Indiegogo: Help us spread awareness and to revive an ancient Legend

  2. matteblk

    Not one soul will perish
    who puts their trust in Me.
    the Man,
    the God,
    the Steve-Martin-originator.

  3. DeLyle

    This sounds like an interesting premise!

  4. Raleigh

    Sounds like a fun read!

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