I love lucy2:00 PM – I LOVE LUCY (drama) – A Cuban-American entertainer named Ricky Ricardo compassionately deals with his mentally unstable wife Lucy even when her illness threatens to ruin his career in show business.


Bonanza3:00 PM – BONANZA (psychological horror) – Ben Cartwright – a seemingly respectable Nevada rancher – mates, then kills, having one son each with a succession of wives whom he subsequently murders. Only his Chinese manservant Hop Sing suspects the horrors lurking at the Ponderosa Ranch.


David Duchovny4:00 PM – THE X-FILES (science fiction) – Two emotionless FBI agents investigate the unknown. In tonight’s episode Fox Mulder (David Duchovny, pictured at left) jeopardizes the lives and careers of everyone around him as he seeks to prove that his irrational conspiracy theories have a basis in fact. 


5:00 PM – THE BIG BANG THEORY (crime drama) – Four rapists-in-the-making worm their way into the lives of the women around them.   

Newhart6:00 PM – NEWHART (adult themes) – A Vermont innkeeper named Dick Loudon masochistically revels in the abuse and humiliation he receives from every single one of the town’s inhabitants.

Tonight’s Guest Star: Don Rickles


Angela Lansbury8:00 PM – MURDER SHE WROTE (supernatural horror) – A genderless husk calling itself Jessica Fletcher tours the country, leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake. Like Damien in The Omen, Fletcher’s role in the series of brutal slayings goes forever unknown and unsuspected.         


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  1. JP Myrlin

    Priceless transparency ! TV guide wouldn’t have dared written it that way.

  2. Natalie

    Murder She Wrote was my favorite joke!

  3. Vienna

    I think the brief Big Bang Theory joke was the funniest one!

  4. Lucille

    BBT rapists! I love that description!

  5. remy

    The one about the creepers on Big Bang Theory was spot on!

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