telesphorusWe’re in the midst of another surge in end of the world nonsense with assorted unstable people claiming the world will end in 12 years or less. Balladeer’s Blog has often examined some of the countless end of the world scares of the past.

Telesphorus of Cosenza (generally believed to be a pseudonym) threw his nutzoid writings on the subject into the mix around the 1350’s or 1360’s (estimates vary). 

In his vision of the End Times, there were no less than THREE AntiChrists (the two fat ones balanced out the skinny one – Monty Python fans will get it). The first AntiChrist would be crowned King of one of the Germanic states by a false German Pope. Satan would then be released from Hell (Try to follow THAT cause and effect) and a battle would rage between the forces of good and evil for several years.

The forces of good, led by France (yeah, right) and a Pastor Angelicus, would win, but would then have to face the Great AntiChrist (no relation to the Great Pumpkin) who would lead the triumphant forces of good into a schism.

After the “true” church won this civil struggle in 1393 a Messianic period of peace on Earth would break out, lasting much less time than the traditional Millenium. Namely 40 years. I’m serious. 

In 1433 the ULTIMATE AntiChrist (where you get three toppings for free), equated with the Biblical “Gog” by Telesphorus, would launch an attack following the final French Emperor (don’t get me started on Last Emperor figures in Apocalyptic Eschatology) laying down his crown in Jerusalem. 

This Ultimate AntiChrist would also be defeated and the Final Judgement would take place. I hate to spoil the ending, but the world did NOT come to an end in 1433.

FOR MORE END OF THE WORLD MYTHS CLICK HERE: https://glitternight.com/category/end-of-the-world-myths/

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