Balladeer’s Blog’s TENTH Annual Christmas Carol-A-Thon continues! Yes, it’s the Christmas Carol adaptation NOBODY asked for … not even KEN!

Barbie in a Christmas CarolBARBIE IN A CHRISTMAS CAROL (2008) – Mattel provides us with a plastic version of the Carol in a plastic cartoon about its plastic creation Barbie. Just as Mr Magoo was an actor portraying Scrooge in Mr Magoo’s Christmas Carol, Barbie is the story-teller relating the tale to her younger sister Kelly.  

As in A Diva’s Christmas Carol the Scrooge stand-in here is a female singing star – Eden Starling. Eden’s mean-spirited Aunt Marie has spent a lifetime molding the young songstress into an equally unpleasant figure complete with Aunt Marie’s credo: “In a selfish world, the selfish succeed.”

Eden has been such an apt pupil she bans the members of her entourage from even SAYING the word “Christmas.” (It’s the new “Annoying ACLU Attorney Barbie!”) Eden’s closest excuse for a friend – Tammy – is the story’s Bob Cratchit stand-in and suffers the most abuse from Eden Starling.

Barbie In A Christmas Carol soundtrackIn the spirit of the Alastair Sim Christmas Carol, Aunt Marie – this version’s Marley figure – blames herself for Eden’s awful ways and comes back as a ghost one Christmas Eve to set her straight. Eden is as obstinate as Ebenezer Scrooge was at first, but Aunt Marie’s Ghost warns her about the usual visits by three spirits.

This direct-to-video product’s writers want to prove they HAVE SO read some Charles Dickens books … just not the right one for this work. Bizarre, pointless renditions of Martin Chuzzlewit and Little Dorrit plus a few others get sandwiched in purely for name recognition.       

At any rate, Barbie in A Christmas Carol devotedly avoids anything that might be interpreted as “eerie” during the segments with the Three Spirits. Sure, the saccharine songs are more terrifying than the bland pop ditties in Jem and the Holograms but I guess that doesn’t count.

Sub-Jim Varney levels of “humor” fill in for atmosphere and emotion in this video presentation. One interesting element is when the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows Eden Starling both how unmourned she herself is AND how miserable her nastiness made the future for her friend Tammy.

Other than that it’s all “Christmas Carol by Numbers” in this unmoving, uninspiring 76 minute ordeal that not even a passionate Barbie fan like Pee Wee Herman could love.   


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6 responses to “BARBIE IN A CHRISTMAS CAROL: (2008)

  1. Cara

    In the name of all that is right and holy… that is so wrong. There are so many stories they could’ve used for Barbie… not something with sense or morals like a Dickens story!
    I had a Barbie too once upon a time, and her younger sister too… whose name I cannot remember now… she was a pre-teen so little girls without breasts yet could ‘identify’ with her. They always came across as a rather dumb family. The ones I had anyway – swimsuit Barbie and generally out shopping younger sister. I’d have found it extremely upsetting if they’d gone literary and started telling me this plasticky story.
    As it is, I do find it disturbing that Barbie should talk at all. It’s so wrong.

  2. Chuckster

    Weird rendition of the carol.

  3. Christeen

    Barbie isn’t very Christmasy.

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