Balladeer’s Blog continues its coverage of the world’s OLDEST team sport. Polo was already centuries old when Alexander the Great’s men played it! FOR MY PRIMER ON POLO CLICK HERE  

Park Place PoloDAY THREE, FIRST MATCH: PARK PLACE VS OLD HICKORY BOURBON. Park Place – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Cossacks – took on Old Hickory Bourbon – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Distillers.

Polo Silhouette LogoThe First Chukker saw the Cossacks and the Distillers go blow for blow and Goal for Goal, ultimately ending in a 2-2 tie. In the Second Chukker the teams continued to put the ball between the Uprights with giddy abandon, resulting in a 5-4 edge for Park Place.

A defensive epic was in store for Chukker Number Three. The only Goal scored in the entire Chukker came from Old Hickory Bourbon. Headed into Halftime things were knotted up at 5 Goals apiece.

In the Fourth Chukker the offenses exploded again! The Cossacks and the Distillers each thwacked in 3 Goals, bringing on an 8-8 deadlock. By the end of the Fifth Chukker Park Place had scored 3 more Goals to the 1 mustered by their opponents to grab an 11-9 advantage. 

Excellent ball control was the tale of the Sixth Chukker, as the Cossacks prevented Old Hickory Bourbon from doing anything more than matching them 2 Goals apiece. Park Place emerged with a 13-11 triumph.

Nico Pieres led the victors with 8 Goals.

Iconica PoloDAY THREE, GAME TWO: ICONICA VS EQUULEUS. Iconica – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Creators – did battle with Equuleus – Official Balladeer’s Blog Nickname: The Constellations.

The defense of the Constellations managed to shut out the Creators in the First Chukker but only mustered a single Goal themselves for a 1-0 edge. In the Second Chukker Iconica found their offensive rhythm, outscoring their opponents 3 Goals to 2 for a 3-3 tie.

The Third Chukker was a reverse of the First, as the Creators shut out Equuleus while smacking in a Goal of their own. Iconica held a 4-3 lead at Halftime.

The Creators owned the Fourth Chukker, riding rings around the Constellations to notch 3 Goals to Equuleus’ 1. The score now stood at 7-4 in favor of Iconica. Both defenses shut out the opposing offense in the Fifth Chukker, which ended in that same 7-4 tally.    

The Sixth Chukker saw the teams exchange 1 Goal apiece as the Creators won the Match 8 Goals to 5.

Peke Gonzalez led Iconica with 7 of their 8 Goals. 



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  1. Marie

    You’re making me a polo fan!

  2. McComber

    Park Place is awesome!

  3. Alicia

    Iconica has a cute logo.

  4. Bomo

    Park Place? Are we playing monopoly?

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