March MadnessMarch Madness is upon us once more . Office betting pools, lost productivity in the work place and days & nights spent watching countless basketball games! As fans of a certain sports broadcaster would sing:

“Come on and watch some basketball/ You’ll watch it all/ Day and all night …”

If you plan to win your office bracket pool get ready to put in a little time. Filling out a strong March Madness bracket requires doing research, including picking the right double-digit seeds to pull off the inevitable Upsets. Identifying those teams that will break other people’s brackets while making your own pay off isn’t easy.

Blindly following Talking Heads on assorted sports networks is never a strong strategy. Year after year, oddsmakers in Las Vegas and around the internet prove much more accurate at predicting March Madness Upsets than ex-players and former coaches ranting on television.

The oddsmakers use complicated algorithms to calculate the relative strength of teams based on past performance and use those numbers to come up with the odds and point spread. They pay little attention to seed number.

Just last year, No. 10 Butler was established as a two-point favorite over No. 7 Arkansas. Butler won by 15. Back in 2017, No. 10 Wichita State was a six-point favorite over No. 7 Dayton and won by exactly six.

The 2016 tournament saw two double-digit seeds favored: No. 11 Gonzaga was favored by two over No. 6 Seton Hall and won by 16. No. 10 VCU was favored by 4.5 over Oregon State and won by 8. It happens virtually every year.

Which is why it’s important to keep track of which teams are being valued more highly by oddsmakers than the March Madness Selection Committee. Rather than going through multiple sites to find the information you need, find one that covers all aspects. There’s this source for betting online that will have odds on all teams participating in the tournament.

You can also find reviews for sportsbooks as well in case you ever want to do more than just fill out a bracket. This can be handy so you’re not going back and forth on different sites. Knowing what odds the sportsbooks have set will help amateur bracketologists make their picks.

Best of luck in whichever bracket contest you choose to enter.


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    I was impressed with that betting site!

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