With college football season closing in on its end here’s a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers and their trips to the Super Bowl. This will include all eight of their appearances, not just their six victories. For game by game odds and other info on the Steelers click HERE or HERE


Date: January 12th, 1975

City: New Orleans, LA

Opponents: Minnesota Vikings 

The Game: Back in those days when the saying went “Offense wins games, but DEFENSE wins Championships” this Super Bowl lived up to that particular piece of conventional wisdom. By Halftime the only points had come from a Safety in the 2nd Quarter, giving the Steelers a 2-0 edge at the break.

Pittsburgh added 7 more points in the 3rd and 4th Quarters while the Vikings could muster a mere 6 total and those in the final frame. The Steelers won the game 16-6.


Date: January 18th, 1976 

City: Miami, FL

Opponents: Dallas Cowboys

The Game: A 7-7 tie in the opening Quarter became a 10-7 lead for the Cowboys come Halftime. After a scoreless 3rd Quarter the Steelers outscored Dallas 14-7 in the 4th to win back to back Super Bowls. The final score was 21-17.


Date: January 21st, 1979

City: Miami, FL

Opponents: Dallas Cowboys

The Game: The 1st Quarter ended with things knotted up at 7-7. The Steelers turned that into a 21-14 lead at the break. The 3rd Quarter saw the Cowboys pull to within 21-17 before an explosive 4th ended with Pittsburgh picking up ring number three with a 35-31 victory.


Date: January 20th, 1980

City: Pasadena, CA

Opponents: Los Angeles Rams

The Game: The Rams put a certain amount of fear into the hearts of Steelers fans everywhere by grabbing a quick 7-3 1st Quarter lead. By the Half Pittsburgh had trimmed that to a 13-10 Los Angeles edge, then pulled even closer in the 3rd to make the score 19-17 as the 4th Quarter began. As if the Steelers had been toying with the Rams they proceeded to rack up 14 unanswered points for a 31-19 triumph and a second dose of back to back Super Bowl wins. 


Date: January 28th, 1996

City: Tempe, AZ

Opponents: Dallas Cowboys

The Game: For the third time the Steelers and the Cowboys clashed for the NFL title. Dallas went on top 10-0 in the opening Quarter but by the midpoint the score stood at 13-7 with the Cowboys on top. That became 20-7 by the end of the 3rd Quarter before Dallas went on to win the game 27-17.


Date: February 5th, 2006

City: Detroit, MI

Opponents: Seattle Seahawks

The Game: A 3-0 1st Quarter edge for the Seahawks was short-lived as the Steelers went up 7-3 by Halftime. That became a 14-10 advantage in the 3rd and ultimately a 21-10 victory for Pittsburgh’s fifth Super Bowl ring.


Date: February 1st, 2009

City: Tampa, FL

Opponents: Arizona Cardinals

The Game: The Steelers’ reputation for dominance was on full display as they led the Cardinals 17-7 at the Half. A 20-7 score to end the 3rd Quarter seemed to indicate a fairly easy Pittsburgh win was in the offing. In reality Arizona came roaring back, outscoring the Steelers 16-7 in the 4th but falling short as Pittsburgh became “Six-burgh” by holding on for a 27-23 victory and the NFL’s first Six Title Franchise.


Date: February 6th, 2011

City: Arlington, TX

Opponents: Green Bay Packers

The Game: The Packers were in control most of the way through this eighth Super Bowl appearance for the Steelers. They led the game 14-0 in the 1st Quarter and 21-10 at Halftime. Pittsburgh started to rally in the 3rd Quarter, pulling to within 21-17 before Green Bay put things away in the 4th for a 31-25 win. 



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  1. hanspostcard

    Those 70’s Steelers the best teams I’ve ever seen- and actually the best Steelers team in my opinion was one that didn’t even make the Super Bowl- the 1976 team.

    • I agree! Even about the 1976 team. And I don’t think Chuck Noll ever got the recognition he deserved.

      • hanspostcard

        With all the great players the Steelers have had- I believe the most important individual in Steelers history is Chuck Noll… I think part of the reason he never got the recognition is he didn’t care. I remember hearing the stories about how some say car dealership in Pittsburgh would come to him and want to have him appear in a commercial- and he’d tell them- go get a player to do it they deserve it.. I also think that was a key to Noll’s greatness. He was always focused on the job he had ahead of him.. he was never distracted like say Mike Ditka was after winning only one Super Bowl.. I heard his son say that after even the Super Bowl seasons that he could see that his father was a little down after it was all over- he lived for the process. Great man.

      • All that is interesting! I didn’t know all that about “the Emperor Chas” as Myron Cope called him.

  2. Alan

    Love the Steelers!

  3. Deb

    All hail the Steelers Dynasty. All hail the Emperor Chas.

  4. Hal

    The Steelers were given a gift against Seattle.

  5. Matthew

    Terrible Towel, dude!

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