Flag 2Superheroes continue to practically own pop culture right now. Balladeer’s Blog’s readers wanted more, so I recently posted a look at the Superhero Pantheon of Ace Periodicals. Here is another of their characters that I just added. FOR THE ORIGINAL ITEM FEATURING NEARLY TWENTY MORE FORGOTTEN HEROES AND HEROINES CLICK HERE 


Secret Identity: Jim Courtney, flag-maker 

Origin: An unnamed baby was left on the doorstep of crippled World War One veteran John Courtney in 1920. Courtney, a flag-maker, was intrigued by the American Flag birthmark on the infant’s chest. He named the boy Jim and raised him as his son, teaching him his flag-making trade.

On Jim’s 21st birthday he was visited by the ghosts of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who told him he was a super-powered being and that his powers were ready to be used now that he was an adult. Jim donned a costume and fought the forces of evil as the Flag.

First Appearance: Our Flag Comics #2 (October 1941). His final Golden Age appearance came in 1942.


The Flag possessed the strength of 100 men, was invulnerable to even heavy artillery and could both fly and run at super-speed. When this hero ran and flew at super-speed he left an American flag-like trail in his wake.

The American Flag birthmark on Jim Courtney’s chest would glow when his superhero identity was needed.

Comment: The Flag’s girlfriend was Sally Blair, the managing editor of the newspaper called The Daily Clarion.

Before taking on Axis supervillains the Flag fought criminals and Herman Foxson, a William Randolph Hearst-type figure who tried to impose his own dictatorship on America.    


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