Tommy RobinsonObviously I still encourage everyone who has not yet signed the FREE TOMMY ROBINSON petition to do so if they care about the British government’s ridiculous and repeated instances of clamping down on the public’s right to know the full story about the Muslim rape and grooming gangs of Rotherham and elsewhere.

If only the British authorities would show the same concern for the young ladies – some of just SINGLE DIGIT AGES – getting raped and groomed. I’ve covered this topic plenty in the past, especially the excuses used by the police and government reps who looked the other way to – in their own words – “avoid being accused of Islamophobia.”

As I pointed out long ago the new version of “I was only following orders” is “I didn’t want to be accused of Islamophobia.” Both excuses boil down to “I didn’t want to risk embarrassment or trouble by speaking out about the outrages I witnessed.”

Since I’ve written plenty on this topic here’s another man’s perspective, put brilliantly and unflinchingly. The link is below but first some excerpts:

“I observed, as I have before, how in almost the entirety of the western world, whenever anyone draws attention to some of the more problematic aspects of Islam, the state cracks down not on the problematic aspects, but on the guy who draws attention thereto.”

Free Tommy“On Friday, Robinson was livestreaming (from his telephone) outside Leeds Crown Court where last week’s Grooming Gang of the Week were on trial for “grooming” – the useless euphemism for industrial-scale child gang rape and sex slavery by large numbers of Muslim men with the active connivance (as I pointed out to the Sky guys) of every organ of the state: social workers, police, politicians. Oh, and also the media. Me last year, on my time in a certain municipality about thirty miles south of Leeds:

Tracking down the victims of Rotherham required a bit of elementary detective work on my part, but it’s not that difficult. What struck me, as my time in town proceeded, was how few members of the British media had been sufficiently interested to make the effort: The young ladies were unstoppably garrulous in part because, with a few honorable exceptions, so few of their countrymen have ever sought them out to hear their stories.

 “So on Friday he was outside the Crown Court in Leeds. He was not demonstrating, or accosting or chanting, or even speaking. He was just pointing his mobile phone upon the scene from a distance. Within minutes, seven coppers showed up in whatever they use instead of a Black Maria these days, tossed him inside it and drove off. In other words, these were not “investigating officers” called to the scene: They showed up with the intent to take him away. Within hours, he was tried, convicted and gaoled – at HM Prison Hull, a Category B chokey, or one level below maximum security. The judge in the case, one Geoffrey Marson, spent all of four minutes on trying, convicting and sentencing Robinson.” 

“Rod Liddle notes another aspect – the contrast between the urgency of the flatfeet when it comes to Tommy Robinson and their utter lethargic indifference when it comes to the young women I spoke to in Rotherham and the thousands of others like them in Leeds, Telford, Oxford, [Your Town Here]… West Yorkshire Police in Leeds are not to be confused with South Yorkshire Police in Rotherham. The latter are institutionally corrupt and depraved. As I told (readers) last year of my meeting with the victims of Rotherham:

“To Mad Ash and his fellow ‘Asians’, the likes of Jessica and Katie are ‘white slags’. To Her Majesty’s Constabulary, they’re mere ‘Paki-shaggers’, and thus unworthy of valuable police resources. The girls recall the night Mad Ash’s brother Bannaras was in his car having sex with a twelve-year-old. A ‘jam sandwich’ – a police cruiser – pulled up alongside, and the officer rolled down the window. ‘She’s just sucking my c**k, mate,’ said Bannaras Hussain.

The cops drove away…

Jessica kept a detailed diary of what had happened to her. She took it to the cops. It ‘disappeared’. There was one kindly officer, but the others told him to back off, and, when he didn’t, he died in an accident. Katie puts the word ‘accident’ in air quotes. Rotherham is a land of coincidence. ‘Some of these things can happen, but not all of them, not in one town.’

A couple of years after taking them her diary, Jessica went back to see the police. This time the detective told her none of the officers who’d witnessed her abuse would support her story because if they gave evidence at trial they’d wind up ‘getting in the shit’. She left the room having taken the precaution of covertly recording the conversation. And thus the cover-up began to unravel…”

Please read the whole thing HERE 

People like to make noises about “being willing to die” for what they believe in but fewer and fewer people are willing to simply be called unkind names – like “Islamophobe” for example – to bring attention to horrors like this. No matter what the religion of the accused, atrocities like this need to be discussed. 

And maybe some of the pampered white women of privilege in the West can stop pretending we’re moments away from becoming A Handmaid’s Tale because of Christian zealots and focus their spoiled gaze on what many women are REALLY suffering because of figures from an entirely different religion.  



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  1. Gina

    Muslim reactionaries and politically correct cowards are the worst!

  2. Harley

    The UK is a lost cause.

  3. Ginny

    The families of those young ladies should be outraged.

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