monster bash 2018

There will be three Monster Bash Events this year. June, August and October.  The June and October shows will be the large scale gatherings at the Double Tree in Mars, PA (North Pittsburgh Double Tree location). August will be a movie marathon at the grand Palace Theatre in Canton, Ohio with vendors.  

Here are some of the basics on the forthcoming June show:

MONSTER BASH – Double Tree Pittsburgh North, Mars, PA (Cranberry Township)/June 22-24, 2018

The Classic Monster Movie Conference and Film Festival. Friday evening it’s Mexican Monster Night with free tacos and burritos while supplies last. Free giant sheet cakes served on Saturday night. DRIVE-IN STYLE OUTDOOR SHOWING – SATURDAY NIGHT: BRING A BLANKET IF YOU WON’T HAVE A CAR THERE!  Three days of Monster Kid heaven.  It’s like stepping into a live version of a vintage Famous Monsters magazine.

Guests include: Brandy Gorcey (Leo Gorcey’s daughter), Victoria Price (Vincent’s daughter), Joyce Meadows (THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS, I SAW WHAT YOU DID, ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR), Janina Faye (HORROR OF DRACULA, DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, TWO FACES OF DR. JEKYLL), Sharyn Moffett (THE BODY SNATCHER with Karloff, RKO Stock Player), Wes Shank (Yep, bringing THE BLOB!), Kris Yeaworth (Tech staff on THE BLOB, THE 4-D MAN, son of director…bringing props), John Russo (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), Tom Savini (CREEPSHOW and more, more, more), and many more.

Also, Bill Luciani and Tony Pitocco will have a massive display of life-size Frankenstein Monsters & friends in celebration of the 200 Years of Frankenstein.

Tom Weaver, Greg Mank, Frank Dello Stritto, Debbie Painter and other writer/historians will be on hand. Tom will do his Braintwist Quiz Show on stage.


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6 responses to “MONSTER BASH 2018 COMING TO MARS, PA

  1. G McRae

    I love events like this!

  2. Guagliano

    Interesting event.

  3. Jewel

    Another festival for my calendar!

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