Democrats love to exploit tragedies

Democrats love to exploit young people and tragedies.

David Hogg, famous for standing on the dead bodies of the Parkland victims, has become beloved by the Democrats of the American media because of his willingness to act like he and he alone speaks for the dead.

As Democrats did with Cindy Sheehan, they’ve pretended this hate-spewing white child of privilege is not to be disputed. Which of course, makes it even MORE fun to point out what a fascist creep he comes across as. 

Here’s a look at the kind of television shows I could picture someone like this starring in (All shows are fictional): 

BOSS HOGG – (Public Affairs) A spoiled young fascist rants and raves about his childish worldview while claiming his parents “don’t know how to use Democracy.” 

David Hogg Political cartoonHOGG FUTURES – (Science Fiction) A young fascist presents a series of scenarios depicting the kind of Fascist dictatorship he wants to live in, and reveals what kind of fates he would have in store for political dissidents. Especially the ones who question if he was even in school on the day of the Parkland shootings.   

ATTENTION HOGG – (Bio-Drama) Through songs and interpretive dance, a tale is told about a teenage fascist pissing on the dead victims of a tragedy and then capitalizing on the attention his antics brought him. As of this writing David Hogg has not commented on whether of not he thinks this character is based on him.  

THE SERMON ON THE MOUND OF CORPSES – (Movie) Telefilm about how American demagogues cynically exploit the drama queen antics of a young fascist named Derek Pigg. A veritable nationwide Passion Play of sorts unfolds as the media indulges in non-stop hysteria while sanctifying shrill teens who say what the Democrats want them to say. This movie raises questions about who is more to blame: conscienceless adult trash in the media or youngsters who have learned that the quickest, easiest way to cheap attention is to imitate the attitudes of the conscienceless adult trash in the media.   

I WAS A TEENAGE FASCIST – (Serial) – What Doogie Howser was to physicians, the star of this program will be to fascist demagogues and hatemongers. In a sly nod to The Wonder Years, an elderly fascist politician (no name is ever given) recalls his younger years and how he launched a political career through his blatant exploitation of the brutal slaying of fellow students.  

MARCH FOR OUR LIES – (Drama) – Teenage fascists shamelessly exploit a tragedy to tell lie after lie about guns and the 2nd Amendment.

(The irony is, I’ve never owned a gun in my life but watching the blatant lies and nauseating self-righteousness of these poseurs made me consider joining the NRA.)    



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  1. MR

    If David here is conscienceless trash, what do you call someone who demeans Hurricane Maria victims or Haitian asylum seekers?

    • I have no idea who you’re talking about but I know a president about whom people lied and claimed he did those things. They also lied and claimed he ridiculed a handicapped person even though a lot of footage showed up showing that president using the exact same gestures in plenty of conversations that had nothing to do with the handicapped person.

      Hogg on the other hand spends a LOT of time callously exploiting these deaths and acting like nobody dare question his actions.

      You often try to force invalid analogies that don’t really address what I’ve actually written about. Like I say to many other commenters who try this approach if you want to send me money I’ll craft appropriate AND RELEVANT counter-arguments you could try to use against me. These limp, invalid, President Trump-obsessed efforts just don’t cut it.

  2. Bridget

    So glad to see someone point out how this fascist exploits the deaths of those students.

  3. Melissa

    These were so funny! He is such a creep!

  4. Miriam

    This kid really gives me the creeps.

  5. Annie

    He is such a creepy little twerp.

  6. Aptsolecist

    These were all pretty funny!

  7. Tom Taylor

    The guy gives me the creeps.

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