Emmanuel College Lions logoCHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The top two seeds were the last teams standing in this tournament. The 2 seeds – the EMMANUEL COLLEGE LIONS – went up against the top seeded SOUTHWESTERN CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY EAGLES.

The Lions clobbered the Eagles in the opening Half and compiled a FIFTY-FIVE to TWENTY-SEVEN by the break. From there Emmanuel College just had to keep SCU at arm’s length the rest of the way for an 85-65 victory and their third title since 2009. Nathan Williams put up 15 points to lead the Lions.  * THE LIONS ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS OF THE NCCAA


LSU-Alexandria GeneralsFINAL FOUR: FIRST BERTH – The 4 seeds – the LSU-ALEXANDRIA GENERALS – took the court against the 3rd seeded GEORGETOWN (KY) COLLEGE TIGERS. (I’ve told you over and over that there are WAY too many college teams called Tigers.)

After a tight 1st Half the Generals had mustered a 40-36 edge over the Tigers. LSU-Alexandria upped their intensity in the 2nd Half, putting more and more space between themselves and Georgetown College on their way to an 87-66 victory. William Claiborne of the Generals led his team with a Double Double of 20 points and 13 rebounds.

LSU Shreveport Pilots NEWFINAL FOUR: SECOND BERTH – Up next one of the two remaining 1 seeds – the LSU-SHREVEPORT PILOTS (as in Riverboat Pilots) – played the 7th seeded WAYLAND BAPTIST UNIVERSITY PIONEERS (should be the Flying W’s).

The Pilots managed to grab a 39-34 advantage over the Pioneers by Halftime and after the break both teams went blow for blow and score for score, each notching 32 more points. LSU-Shreveport triumphed by a final tally of 71-66 led by Stevie Clark with THIRTY-FOUR points.

Graceland U Yellow JacketsFINAL FOUR: THIRD BERTH – The 5th seeded GRACELAND UNIVERSITY YELLOW JACKETS squared off against the 3 seeds – the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA-WESTERN BULLDOGS.

The Yellow Jackets seemed to be having their way with the Bulldogs in the 1st Half, and an Upset seemed a cinch as they held a 43-27 lead at the break. The University of Montana-Western came out roaring in the 2nd Half, outscoring Graceland University 55-43. The Yellow Jackets had hung on for an 86-82 Upset. Twenty-three points from L.T. Davis led Graceland U.

williampennstatesmenFINAL FOUR: LAST BERTH – The other remaining 1 seed – the WILLIAM PENN UNIVERSITY STATESMEN – fought the 6th seeded OUR LADY OF THE LAKE UNIVERSITY SAINTS (should be the Lancelots) for the final berth.

A 44-39 midpoint advantage for the Statesmen was expanded upon throughout the 2nd Half, until ultimately William Penn University emerged with an 89-76 victory over the Saints. J.C. Washington of the Statesmen led his team with a Double Double of 17 points and 10 rebounds. 


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  1. I really like you covering these lesser divisions.

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