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Welcome back to Balladeer’s Blog! As always I’m coming to you from a planet of 7.6 billion people, 10 billion blogs and about 20 billion political poses.

Okay, so I’m exaggerating a bit, but I genuinely feel that as many people as possible should dabble in blogging for at least a little while. It feels great to have an outlet for your creativity, even if you make it accessible only to people you know personally. 

Plus the more you get used to the ins and outs of how the internet actually works the more it helps you resist those instances of “artificial consensus” that generate spontaneously … or not so spontaneously, really.

Running a blog will give you access to an on-line dashboard which lets you see how many of the commenters who try to argue with you are really the same person using multiple fake names to make it look like a lot of people disagree with you. And that’s just ONE instance of the relentless fakery involved in internet communications, especially where controversial topics are concerned. 

For all the years I’ve been writing Balladeer’s Blog I’ve been telling people to stop letting themselves be fooled into thinking that a mob of people who disagree with their opinion just naturally materialize. Fanatics with no life, fakers pushing a particular agenda, sock puppets and programmed bots are often involved.

bloggingSuch obsessed loons spend most of their time filing complaints or hitting the “report abuse” button every time someone beats them in an argument. Such people also try to play with every word that is written by people they don’t agree with, just so they can pretend that splitting hairs over an irrelevant choice of wording means that the other person is “lying” or “wrong.”

“Discredited” and “debunked” are two other words that are misunderstood – intentionally or not – by ankle-biting little pricks who think they are great debaters but are really just barely adequate proof-readers.

POSTING A LINK to an article that these people feel supports their argument is NOT “proof” but too many people are easily intimidated and are bulldozed into believing that it is. The item the trolls have linked to can be picked apart using the same methods that the trolls themselves use.

Facebook in particular is a magnet for such hilariously pompous people. Twitter is at least as bad. Anyone looking for truly rigorous debates that are not ultimately rigged by dishonest people at those sites should seek out alternatives. Gab.ai is just one example.

The ruder these fools are, the more often polite people are misled into thinking those people are right. And this is just one example. You will understand a great deal more about how phony a lot of the seeming “online consensus” regarding many issues really is if you run your own blog, even for just a little while. 

Sadly, the internet is often abused by the forces of conformity to try to make people with dissenting views feel isolated or overwhelmed. The better to try to browbeat people into silence.




  1. Oh, Twitter is much, much worse than Facebook. At least I personally know most of the people on my Facebook newsfeed – disagree with anyone on Twitter, and the loonies come out in droves!!

  2. K S

    Bravo! You just have to know the trolls.

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