Obama eight yearsThe weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama – the official Worst U.S. President in History – once read the following line from his teleprompter: “At some point I think you’ve made enough money.”

Well, Barack, I think at this point YOU’VE made enough money, what with your Wall Street Prostitute speeches and the “book deal” plus the suspicious money that was long funneled to you from “admirers.” So from now on why don’t you lead by example and donate every penny you make to the suffering 99% who were left in even more dire straits by your time in office? 

I didn’t think so, hypocrite.


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  1. Chelsea

    My husband and I were actually just discussing this earlier today. 70 million?!?! If his book makes more than 3 mil (which would be significantly more than Hillary’s book made), then I’m a fart blowing in the wind… Either publishers can afford to lose tens of millions of dollars funding these politicians’ “memoirs,” or this is just another example of taxpayer dollars at work.

    He’ll have plenty of time weave this web of lies while hiding out in Indonesia, no doubt.

    • I agree, these “book contracts” always strike me as after-the-fact bribes paid to political figures like Hillary and Obama for services rendered while in office.

      I’m sure it would be very instructive to trace the ownership of the publishing houses involved all the way up the line.

      • Chelsea

        “Tracing the money”… Now there’s a red-pill rabbit hole from which there can be no return! It’s sickening. Honestly these traitors are so deeply embedded in the system (I call them “traitors” instead of “liberals” as they resemble NOTHING of the legit John Locke Liberals of yesteryear), that unless there are a series of indictments (and soon!), then these cockroaches will re-rise post-Trump and punish us all for daring to dissent… I hate to sound melodramatic but history has already foreshadowed this. TRials for treason committed need to commence (I repeat: and soon!)

      • I know exactly how you feel. I used to consider myself a liberal but in recent years have switched to calling myself a Populist instead. Most of the elected officials from both political parties seem like they are bought and paid for.

        I don’t think you’re being melodramatic. I honestly feel that the corruption runs so deep in both parties that they are like a cancer that has spread so far removing all of them may be fatal. But I still feel it needs to be done.

  2. Chelsea

    Honestly until Trump came along, I spent most my adulthood feeling very disenfranchised. A decade ago, I was very outspoken against the Bush-era corruption and power grabs at the time. And then Obama came along and did the impossible: make me wistfully yearn for those Bush years back!! Seemed like child play compared to Obama’s open treason and ensuing “gaslighting.” Truly, the false left-right paradigm has got to end if our country expects to be able to have a REAL conversation about problems/solutions. The left has disintegrated into a bunch of petty tyrannical bullies, while most of the Republicans in power have turned conservativism into the party of cowardice, enabling and reinforcing the bullies on the left… Which is worse?? No, Trump isn’t perfect, but he’s the only representation we have.

    • You said it perfectly. Trump is not really a Republican – hey, just ask most Republicans and they’ll agree. He is the only one speaking about the issues the VOTERS care about. I think both the Dems and the Republicans are just fine with selling out the working class.

  3. MR

    Why is it that 6 in 10 Americans want nothing to do with him?

  4. Jen

    I used to like Obama but you’re right he was a disaster.

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