Hypnotic EyeThe Hypnotic Eye is one of the most beloved bad movies of the 1960s. Its hilariously campy trailer, its sinister Eurotrash villain and its Ed Wood-level police work all make it a true anti-classic.

Jacques Bergerac, one-time husband of Ginger Rogers, played Desmond, the magician who uses the title object to augment his hypnotic abilities to an enormous degree.

After various beautiful women appear on stage with Desmond as volunteers from his audience he plants a post-hypnotic suggestion that causes them to mutilate themselves in various extreme ways after the show.

Some set their hair on fire, some wash their faces with acid ,some shove their faces into fans, etc. This being an old black & white movie the effects are very tame by today’s standards.   

B-movie mainstay Allison Hayes portrays Desmond’s sinister, secretive assistant Justine, who has her own reasons for wanting to see beautiful women deformed. As for the police detective “hero” Dave Kennedy (Joe Patridge), he’s an absolute joke. Picture the policemen from The Sinister Urge, Plan 9 From Outer Space and The Dead Talk Back and you’ll know what type of crack detective work viewers are in for.  

The filmmakers’ understanding of hypnotism and fundamental physics is hilariously flawed, too. This movie would have you believe that if a person is hypnotized into thinking they are weightless their body will literally float off the floor! 

I wouldn’t dream of spoiling any of the other fun moments of this film by revealing too much. Be ready to laugh your asses off.  


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4 responses to “THE HYPNOTIC EYE (1960)

  1. I wrote about this one a few months ago. Pretty bold for it’s time! But still bad, nonetheless.

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