Adam Ant 5Time once again for a Balladeer’s Blog shoutout to the neglected Adam Ant (Stuart Leslie Goddard).

Previously I’ve posted items regarding Adam’s hit songs Goody Two Shoes, Vive Le Rock and Gotta Be A Sin in addition to his cover of the Doors’ hit Hello, I Love You.

Adam Ant was far more than than just the lead singer. He co-wrote the songs – most notably with Marco Pirroni – and played bass guitar as well as acoustic guitar.

Hell, he even played the harmonica.

This time around it’s the shagadelic song Miss Thing.


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10 responses to “ADAM ANT: MISS THING

  1. This is my favorite after goody 2 shoes.

  2. My ovaries explode just looking at Adam! He was so sexy!

  3. I can never get enough Adam Ant!

  4. Adam Was the 80s for most of us over here.

  5. Ferdie

    And a bush like a palm tree … wow!

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