CrossBalladeer’s Blog examines two more ancient works which – if they had been deemed “authentic” (LMAO) – might have resulted in very different versions of Easter celebrations.

THE GOSPEL OF THE EGYPTIANS – This Apocryphal Gospel is also referred to as The Gospel According to the Egyptians. This particular work is dated to around the 100s A.D.

The surviving references to this Gospel center around conversations between Jesus and one of his female followers – Salome. The gist of the material is the Gnostic condemnation of procreation, since in their view the reproductive process does nothing but entrap even more spiritual matter in the physical world created by Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge.

Jesus calls for humanity to reject and despise “the shameful garment” called the body. He also hinted that once spiritual matter returns to the Pleroma that all duality will cease, including the notions of male and female, which will no longer be separate states of being.    

One of the key sayings in The Gospel of the Egyptians is found when Jesus tells Salome “Death will endure as long as women give birth.” This concept is also alluded to when Jesus says “I have come to destroy the works of the female,” referring, of course, to all of us since our bodies – our physical prisons to the Gnostics – all emerged from the wombs of women.  

THE COPTIC APOCALYPSE OF PETER – This fascinating Apocalypse or “Revelation” of Peter was among the findings in the Nag Hammadi Library. It is generally dated to sometime in the 200s A.D.

Jesus gives a series of visions to Peter, who supposedly recorded their conversation and the nature of the visions in this book. Jesus tells Peter that only his physical form suffers and dies on the cross, and Peter sees a vision of the spiritual, immortal Jesus Christ floating above the cross laughing as his physical body dies in agony. (I guess you had to be there …)   

According to the Jesus of this Coptic Apocalypse of Peter, those who TRULY understand his teachings will be able to see the “ghostly,” laughing Jesus at the Crucifixion. Those who do not understand will think he is actually on the cross being crucified.

Jesus further states that the blind ones who do not see will cause a proliferation of false doctrines. He tells Peter that he relies on him to convey the “real” message of his teachings to future generations.  

By the way, I’m an atheist but even I know that these and other early versions of Christianity were spreading throughout the Middle East CENTURIES before Islam, which did not get started until the 600s A.D.  

Muslim fascists are trying to finish their extermination of a pre-existing religion in the region, something which the cowardly hypocrites of the political left condemn when others are guilty of such actions.  


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  1. Looking forward to reading more. Great article.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

  2. Franklin

    Are these things Satanic?

  3. Marcy

    Good reading. The Coptic apocalypse of Peter was my favorite.

  4. Mildred

    Scary but interesting to read about these.

  5. Bernie

    I worry about your soul sometimes, Balladeer.

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