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THE GOSPEL OF THE SAVIOR – The narrative of this gospel centers around dialogues between Jesus and his apostles in the last few days before his arrest and crucifixion.

Some of the material is similar to the Gospels of John and Matthew, but  some is Gnostic, with references to discarding the useless garment of the body so the soul can return to the empyrean realm. 

The most striking departure in this gospel comes in the Garden of Gethsemane segment, when Jesus, as God the Son, traditionally prays to God the Father to spare him the ordeals that lay ahead. In The Gospel of the Savior Jesus transports himself and his apostles to the throne-room of God the Father  where he makes his appeal in person.

The apostles, who stay awake for once in this version, look on as Jesus and God the Father converse in this scene, which serves as this gospel’s substitute for the traditional transfiguration episode of other gospels. 

In the end, as in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus resigns himself to the suffering he must endure. He addresses a mental image of the cross with the words “Oh cross, do not be afraid! I am rich. I will fill you with my wealth.”

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  1. So eerie but so moving. I especially like the trip to Gods throneroom!

  2. Kind of scary and blasphemous isn’t it?

  3. SMN

    Very blasphemous. I will pray for your soul.

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