obama-defeated-by-putin-again-and-againIn keeping with the standards set by America’s corporate media here’s the latest word regarding their obsession with politicians who pay to be urinated upon by sex workers. Once again the hatred that bloated rich pigs feel toward President-Elect Donald Trump has backfired.

CNN reports that BARACK OBAMA IS REALLY THE ONE WHO PAYS TO BE URINATED ON! Michelle Obama confirmed all this, stating that this disgusting fetish of Obama’s was one of the many reasons she stopped having sex with Barack years ago. That and his insistence that she dress him up as a baby complete with a diaper. 

obama-is-a-urophiliacBarack now calls himself “An out and proud urophiliac.”

He added with a smile:

“I’m sure it was an honor for the sex workers – or ‘Mommy’ as I would call all of them – to relieve themselves upon a great man like myself. Emptying their bladders in my face and into my eager, wide-open mouth was bound to be an uplifting moment for them.”  

We all know what this item is referring to. I will once again point out how low America’s media has sunk. They may be pleasing bloated rich pigs and one percenters with their cheap lies about President-Elect Donald Trump but they are driving everyone else firmly into Trump’s corner.

President-Elect Donald Trump clearly angers all the right people if this is how desperate George Soros, the Koch Brothers and America’s vile Intelligence “community” are to strike at him.

And by the way, rest assured this story was verified JUST as thoroughly as CNN’s story about President-Elect Donald Trump.


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