earth-explodingWith a new year underway – 2017 C.E. – Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at some past predictions by “psychics” (LMAO) that turned out to be wildly off the mark.

FREDERICK DAVIES – In 1978 he predicted:

— Jimmy Carter would get reelected.

— In the early 1980s sea research would result in a cure for various types of cancer.

— A manned landing on Mars would be made by 1985.

— By 1988 a third of all homes would be using solar energy for cooking and heating.

firebird-2015-ad— Private automobiles would be banned … by 1990.

— Also by 1990 life would be discovered on Jupiter and communication with another planet – possibly from beyond our solar system – would be achieved.

— Between 1999-2001 the origin of the UFO sightings around the world would be determined.

MARIS DE LONG – In 1978 she predicted:

— By the year 2000 cures for cancer would be discovered by an American-born doctor on the East Coast.

Philippines Baybayan 2— Also by the year 2000 earthquakes would cause the disappearance of several islands near the Philippines.

— By 1999 humanity would learn that thousands of aliens are already living among us and that their planet of origin is burning up from radiation.

— Nutrient life forms would be discovered on Mars by 1990.

— Jimmy Carter would get reelected and become the most beloved American leader of the 20th Century … LMFAO!

JOSEPH DELOUISE – In 1978 he predicted:

legalize-it— By 1980 marijuana would be legalized in the entire United States.

— By 1996 Muslims and Jews would unite, ending the problems in the Middle East. That’s a relief!  

— World hunger would be defeated as a problem but unemployment would still be an issue.

— Japan would undergo a revolution and merge with China.

JEANE DIXON – In 1978 she predicted:

— America would be split by a major Civil War in the 1980s.

— By the year 2000 aliens would give Earth the secret of solar energy and would bring together all of the world’s scientists in a joint effort for the benefit of all humanity.

— A sun pill would be developed. Taken orally this “concentrated dose of solar energy” would prove to have great health benefits. 

— The Catholic Church would abolish the Papacy by the year 2000.  

— Telepathy and faith-healing would be used by nearly everyone. This, too, was supposed to happen by the year 2000.

chinese-warlord— By 2019 China would try to take over the world but would ultimately be defeated.

— In 2020 the Antichrist would be exposed and the Battle of Armageddon would be fought, involving millions of troops. (Given Dixon’s track record I would not place bets on this one, either.)

TENNY HALE – In 1978 she predicted:

— By the year 2000 most diseases would be treated homeopathically and by sound therapy.

— A nuclear catastrophe by 2000 would destroy factories which produce chemicals and synthetic foods, eliminating those GMOs from our lives. What an oddly specific nuclear disaster.

— Between 1979 and 2000 ancient manuscripts unearthed on the Yucatan Peninsula would change the world’s attitude toward religion and would contain secrets that allow people to levitate themselves and other objects.

minority-report— Also by 2000 AD law enforcement would be done almost exclusively by psychics.

— Between 1979 and 2000 genetic experiments would create hybrid monsters like the chimeric creatures from ancient myths. The havoc wreaked by those creatures would result in the curbing of such experimentation.

— Around the year 2000 earthquakes, droughts and nuclear accidents would result in the end of most human life on Earth. Russia would rule most of what remains as humanity moves into underground cities with no individual rights. The population would be held in thrall by telepaths.

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  2. Jack

    It’s amusing to read such widely inaccurate predictions. I suppose these people were looking for fame and fortune via sensationalism with no regard to how these much of these predictions would be viewed as in the future. Tsk Tsk.

  3. What were these people smoking?


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