bernie-sanders-corporationsYOU GO, BERNIE SANDERS! Sanders CONTINUED his assault on the coalition of the callous, the comfortable and the uncaring who supported Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton and Barack “Tony Ears” Obama. Can this hunka hunka Bernie Love become the conscience of the Democrats and straighten out bloated rich pigs like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Al Gore?

BERN ONE: Bernie personally explained to Charlie Rose, a talking head on the alt-left NPR that Donald “Agent Orange” Trump won because the corporate media and the political establishment don’t understand “there are tens of millions of people who are not racists, who are not sexists, they’re hurting.”

In an obvious poke at the bought and paid for Democrat Hillary Clinton, Sanders added “(Y)ou can’t just spend your entire life raising money from the wealthy people. What Trump was doing, to his credit, he was going out holding rallies. He was going all over this country. He was going in rural areas, where candidates previously did not go. In many ways, I did that myself.”  

mika-brzezinskiBERN TWO: Bernie Sanders has already encouraged far-left MSNBC’s Democrat-supporting Mika Brzezinski to join the growing chorus of corporate media shills openly discussing how Hillary’s thuggish campaign staff would – in Mika’s words – “bully” anyone trying to point out Hillary “No Billionaire Left Behind” Clinton’s countless weaknesses. “I experienced it myself” she testified.

Mika bravely risked further harassment by stating that Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump would have been a much better fight. In light of the severe public humiliation Hillary experienced at Trump’s hands last week Mika certainly has a point.

For his part Bernie had his talk with Charlie Rose on his (Rose’s) far-left program on NPR. 


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