Halloween month continues with six more neglected American horror legends. 

Dead Dance by MoonlightTHE DEAD DANCE BY MOONLIGHT – Manetti the mad violinist terrorized the New England states in the late 1700s. His favorite instrument was made out of enchanted wood from the forests of the infamous White Mountains. When Manetti chose to he could play his violin in such a way as to bring the dead up from their graves and make them do his bidding. FOR THE FULL STORY CLICK HERE   

Marquette MonsterTHE MARQUETTE MONSTER – This horrific monster was sighted by Jacques Marquette in the 1670s near what is now Alton, IL. Native Americans of the region called it the Piasa Bird and had been making artwork depicting the beast since around 1200 AD according to archaeological findings. The creature was supposedly the size of a horse with the torso of a cougar, huge wings like a bat and a human head sprouting deer antlers. FOR THE FULL STORY CLICK HERE   

mount-monroeTHE SOUL GEM OF THE WHITE MOUNTAINS – The former peak of Mount Monroe in the White Mountains of New Hampshire was the site of an enormous glowing red stone which Native American legends claimed had fallen from the sky in the distant past. They called it the Soul Gem in their language because they believed the gem would steal the soul of anyone who touched it. It was said to have corrupted all the trees and wildlife in the Soul Gem’s vicinity. Expeditions trying to reach the gem never returned. FOR MORE CLICK HERE  

French Broad RiverTHE SHE-MONSTER OF THE FRENCH BROAD RIVER – Near where the French Broad River runs past Asheville, NC lurks a deadly female monster. Legend holds that she is the sole remaining member of a race that lived on Earth over 300 million years ago. The She-Monster lures men by appearing to them as a beautiful woman but then reveals her true self: a creature with tentacular limbs and a face like a green human skull. FOR MORE CLICK HERE  

PlagueTHE MALEVOLENT SEAMSTRESS – During the Revolutionary War an elderly and disfigured former Tory traveled from Rebel town to Rebel town working as a seamstress. After she moved on every man, woman and child wearing clothing worked on by the sinister figure died slowly and painfully from disease. FOR MANY MORE DETAILS CLICK  HERE

Boon IslandHORRORS OF BOON ISLAND – Just off the coast of Maine lies Boon Island, where the ship Nottingham sank in the 1740s. The survivors of the ship swam to the deserted island and, having nothing at all to eat on the barren stretch of land, turned to cannibalism. For two centuries afterward the skeletons of those pitiful survivors would attack and devour anyone foolish enough to be caught on Boon Island after dark. FOR MORE CLICK HERE   


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