Islam genocide totals


As always Muslim fanatics continue to kill and kill and kill in countries all around the world. They’ve been doing it for CENTURIES but the Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who pretend to be “educators” in the Western World try their best to obscure that fact. They also try to whitewash Islam’s history of slavery as well, plus its misogyny, homophobia and oppression of religious minorities.

As Muslim Violence Awareness Year continues here are A FEW of the latest atrocities courtesy of Islam.

July 23rd: a) In Kabul Muslim fascist suicide bombers killed EIGHTY-ONE innocent people and injured TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE more.   

b) Also July 23rd: Ngakobo, Central African Republic – Gun-toting Muslim Militiamen killed 3 innocent people and injured 3 others in door-to-door surprise attacks. Obama probably blamed the NRA.

b) Still July 23rd: Furkian, India – Muslim fascist snipers killed 1 innocent person and injured 2 more. Obama probably vowed to start a hashtag to remedy the situation.  

July 24th: a) Ansbach, Germany – A Syrian “Asylum Seeker” detonated a nail-bomb, injuring 15 innocent people. 

b) Also July 24th: Mbagbe, Nigeria – The local franchise in the Global Muslim Fascist Murder Machine beheaded 1 innocent farmer and injured 2 more innocent people.

July 25th: Al-Arish, Egypt – Islamofascists killed a police officer.

July 26th: a) Mogadishu, Somalia – Muslim fascist suicide bombers killed 13 innocent people and injured 5 more at an airport.

b) Also July 26th: Saint Etienne du Rouvray, France – Muslim fanatics raided a Christian mass and tried to slice off the priest’s head with a knife while using nuns as human shields against the arriving authorities. The priest died and an additional innocent person was injured in the attack.

July 31st: Mogadishu, Somalia – Islamists attacked a law enforcement building, killing 10 innocent people and injuring 15 more.



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