Legacy of the IncasFrontierado is coming up on Friday, August 5th! In keeping with the seasonal feel, Balladeer’s Blog has been showcasing various neglected westerns.

LEGACY OF THE INCAS (1965) – Guy Madison and Fernando Rey starred in this Llama Western which would be guaranteed to make some of the emotional cripples of the 21st Century faint at its “Colonialism Squared” plotline. To me the staggering tastelessness of it all makes it more funny than pernicious.

Rey plays President Castillo of late 1800’s Peru. He has a Jim West-style assignment for his  gunslinging agent, nicknamed Jaguar. His birth name is Wutuma, and he’s the last of “the proud and noble Incas”. His job is to eradicate a gang of Native Peruvian bandits and guerillas who are robbing and killing all non-natives as part of their bid to resurrect the ancient Inca empire to rule Peru!

And for the crucial role of Jaguar/ Wutuma, a man torn between his present-day life & loyalties and his loyalty to his conquered Incan ancestors, who better than … Guy Madison, a white guy famous for playing Wild Bill Hickok on American television!    

Making it even more grotesquely comical – or “insulting” if you’re the hypersensitive type – amid all the gunplay and other action the ANCIENT SPIRITUAL FORCES OF THE INCAN PEOPLE ACTUALLY HELP MADISON QUELL THE INCIPIENT UPRISING! It’s like the “God helping Indiana Jones” bit at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, except here we’re led to believe the gods worshipped by the ancient Incans disapprove of the rebels and their attempt to restore “home rule”!

Okay, I grant you the rebels (led by a scenery-chewing Rik Battaglia) are admittedly genocidal racists themselves, but you still can’t help but smile at the notions that lie at the heart of this movie. So, you’re better off just chuckling a little at the cosmic irony and enjoying the action and fantasy elements of the tale. Lighten up, in other words!  


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4 responses to “LEGACY OF THE INCAS (1965)

  1. i loved watching this style movie as a kid, today i watch and wonder what i saw

  2. Rana

    Very ironic review! What a strange Italian Western.

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