All Lives MatterThe bigots from Black Lives Matter do NOT speak for all black people like they THINK they do. And like the intentionally divisive hatemongers of the American media WANT people to think.

Black Lives Matter is a collection of Racists of Color who often act like a hate group like the Ku Klux Klan. Only bigots like the privileged white children of Antifa and the members of Black Lives Matter would have a problem with people saying ALL LIVES MATTER. Because, you Rednecks of Color, ALL LIVES MATTER! Deal with it!

All Lives Matter 2Abandon your racism, Black Lives Matter! Your whole organization was founded on what everyone now knows were the lies told about Ferguson. The world doesn’t hate you as much as you hate the world.  



2 responses to “ALL LIVES MATTER

  1. All lives do matter. I cant believe how racist Black Lives Matter is.

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