Foolkiller upper half of body

Various depictions of Foolkiller and his Purification Gun

Superheroes are more popular than ever so Balladeer’s Blog’s “Script Doctoring” of Marvel’s handling of Foolkiller continues with Part Eighteen. 


Now in his own series Foolkiller (Greg Salinger) can at last get down to some serious vigilante mayhem tinged with a little “Rorschach before Rorschach existed” philosophizing AND his own peculiar brand of madness.  

In this very first issue Foolkiller takes on a physician who abuses his public trust by using some of the patients in his insane asylum as human guinea pigs for macabre experiments.  

Foolkiller number 1

In 1990 Marvel tried a reboot of Foolkiller in which he was much like Deadpool, who didn’t debut until 1991

FOOLKILLER Volume 0 Number 1 (Feb 1981)  The Foolkiller 

This debut issue would have picked up soon after Foolkiller parted company with the Defenders. Greg would have driven all the way to Florida to resume his music career in Miami.

Plus, since this is his First Issue, the tale would open with our protagonist – in costume – visiting the fringes of the Everglades to reminisce about how he became the Foolkiller. After a few pages of flashbacks the story proper could get rolling.  

Foolkiller would investigate an unconventional state-run insane asylum where patients and recovering drug addicts often disappear. Salinger pays a nocturnal visit on the institution, which borders on the Everglades swampland.

Foolkiller first battles his way past the asylum’s “guards” – shambling zombies who have been lobotomized AND rendered incapable of feeling pain. They just keep on coming at you no matter what so Greg has no choice but to use his Purification Gun on a setting high enough to reduce his attackers to dust.

Once inside the building Foolkiller surreptitiously comes across men and women left in disgusting condition by some sort of bizarre experimentation. Salinger can tell how much they are suffering and their eyes plead with him to put them out of their misery. After some soul-searching Foolkiller uses his gun to grant their wish.

Penetrating ever-deeper into the asylum Greg stumbles upon an Attendant of the vile institution pressuring a frightened female into sex. Dialogue makes it clear he does this a lot with the female patients so Foolkiller is more than happy to blow him away. 

A dialogue panel would make it clear that Foolkiller has jammed his Purification Gun up the man’s now-pantsless ass, scaring the hell out of him before he pulls the trigger. The resulting babbling and screaming from the insane woman Salinger saved alerts the people who run the facility and lights are turned on overhead. 

The obscure Marvel super-villain called the Monster Maker is in a nearby operating theater with windows that allow Foolkiller to see inside. Monster Maker makes with a Villain’s Threat to destroy our hero for interrupting him at “this crucial moment.” On Monster Maker’s operating table Foolkiller sees the Man-Thing is being subjected to some sort of inhuman operation, ending the issue on this cliff-hanger. 



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