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In the past Balladeer’s Blog has examined some of the big names among the fictional gunslingers of Spaghetti Westerns. I’ve covered the original Django, Sartana, the Holy Ghost, Dynamite Joe, Harmonica and even Tony Anthony’s character the Stranger. Here is a look at the Italo-Western hero Noon. 

The Man Called Noon (1973)

The Story: Long before Robert Ludlum’s amnesiac secret agent Jason Bourne came this film. Based on a Louis L’Amour story The Man Called Noon featured Richard Crenna as the title character, an amnesiac who has incredible abilities with a gun but no knowledge of his past.

Just like Jason Bourne in the later novel, our hero Rubal Noon must piece together who he really is, why he has access to some large sums of money  and why various dangerous factions want him dead. He also struggles to survive while all this chaos closes in on him. Luckily his instinctive skill at killing keeps him alive, albeit increasingly confused.  

In support Stephen Boyd plays Rimes and is almost James Garneresque as a sly, charming rascal who attaches himself to Crenna’s character on his identity quest. Rimes’ uncertain loyalties make for some very tense moments.  

Farley Granger portrays a corrupt judge who is part of the villainous forces arrayed against Noon, while Rosanna Schiaffino and Euro-Horror starlet Patty Shepard are the female leads, one on the side of the angels, the other part of the cadre that wants our hero dead.   

At its core the story involves multi-layered false identities and the hero’s quest for revenge over the death of his wife and child … just like in Ludlum’s later novel. (Remember, David Webb lost his wife and children to a random strafing, then became Delta and later Bourne) I’m not sayin’, Ludlum fans, I’m just sayin’.    


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12 responses to “THE MAN CALLED NOON (1973)

  1. Again I get an email with the post title 58066 🙂

  2. There is a western movie about 1973 with henry fonda I think it is the man named nobody??? Sound familiar


    • Hello! Always good to hear from you! That movie is Call Me Nobody and it was a Spaghetti Western, too. Terence Stamp, who played the gunslinger Trinity in a series of films, played the no-named shootist who stayed out of the spotlight and made other gunfighters like Henry Fonda famous. He would take it all the way to faking the deaths of the gunfighters he guided.

  3. That’s it. Always caught million ice in middle
    Thank you

  4. Should read always catch in middle


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