Victims of Illegal Immigrants

********************* Remember the victims of illegal immigrants – they and their loved ones are the people who really “live in the shadows.”

Balladeer’s Blog is the only site on the web that equally criticizes American Liberals and Conservatives both. American Liberals like to pretend they are “compassionate” and “caring” but that pretended concern is very selective and goes only one way.

Grieving mother Maureen Maloney was one of the untold thousands of Americans to lose a loved one to people who illegally cross our border with Mexico and then go on to commit other crimes.

Maloney’s 23 year-old son Matthew was hit by a repeat-offending illegal alien drunk driver. Although Matthew survived the initial crash, he died as he was subsequently dragged a quarter of a mile—caught in the wheel well of the illegal alien’s pick up truck— as the alien sought to flee the crime scene. “Witnesses who saw [Matthew] pinned screaming under the truck ran out and pounded on the vehicle, crying out to the driver who kept going…'[Matthew] was alive for a good portion of it,’” wrote a correspondent.

American Liberals, who pretend to be so “caring” always ignore these frequent tragedies. They can’t exploit such events to fit their political narrative, you see, so they turn a blind eye to them. Had an American citizen struck an illegal immigrant and dragged them along, killing them in an attempt to flee, that Mexican’s name would be known worldwide now. 

The Democratic Party (Slogan: “Oppressing others while posing as the oppressed”) would have launched one of its internet and social media memes about the incident. Barack Obama would go in front of the cameras to make political capital out of the death and for his usual drama queen antics.  

democratic party donkey

The Party that represents illegal immigrants but NEVER American citizens. That would be so gauche.

American Liberals always practice this philosophy  – “Something bad happened, so do what we say to do or else it means you are a hater.” They never care about people like this young man’s mother. Liberals will launch no hashtags about her son’s pointless death. There will be no Hollywood movies made about the tragedy. Obama loves to whine “If it saves even one life …” about actions the Democrats want done but, trust me, he will NEVER say “If it saves even one life isn’t it worth it to FINALLY secure our southern border?”  

Presidential candidate John Kasich has vowed to grant amnesty to all illegal immigrants. Maureen Maloney’s public response was to ask Kasich to “visit the grave of my murdered child.” That will never happen of course. Instead, callous, comfortable and uncaring American Liberals prefer to accuse the citizens who mourn the dead victims of illegal immigrants of being (yawn) “racists” and “haters.” 

If Maureen’s heart-breaking request for Kasich to visit her son’s grave furthered the narrative of the pro-illegal immigration crowd then, trust me, EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE would be forced to answer – over and over and over again – questions about what their own feelings are regarding the tragedy. 

Virtually no attention is paid by our politicians to grieving families who have lost loved ones to murders committed by people who illegally crossed our (still unsecured) border with Mexico. Or those families who’ve had loved ones raped or assaulted by those illegal immigrants – and over 600,000 documented crimes have been committed by illegal immigrants  in recent years.

Many of them committed by Mexican criminals WHO HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN CAUGHT and either were not deported or were deported but simply strolled right back across our perpetually unsecured southern border. The victims of these repeat offenders and the loved ones of those victims are the people who REALLY “live in the shadows.” ++

(For overseas readers I’ll clarify that last line. Liberal hypocrites like to coyly – and publicly, of course – agonize on behalf of illegal immigrants. A line they’re fond of using is that those illegal immigrants are forced to “live in the shadows.” Uh. Yeah. Who’d have thought you might experience difficulties for making the conscious decision to enter a country illegally? Astonishing.)    





  1. You are brave for telling the truth about this.

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