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MidAmerica Christian U EvangelsDAY ONE – GAME ONE – This Region’s 4 seeds – the MID-AMERICA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY EVANGELS – played the 5th seeded PARK UNIVERSITY PIRATES. It would be tough to beat this game for tip-off to final buzzer intensity. The game was tied 13 times and the lead was exchanged 8 times as the Evangels eked out a 42-40 lead at Halftime and then went on to win by a final score of 88-86. Bryon Miller led Mid-America Christian in scoring with 26 points.

Talladega College Tornadoes NEWDAY ONE – GAME TWO – The TALLADEGA COLLEGE TORNADOES came in as the 2 seed and faced the 7th seeded WESTMONT COLLEGE WARRIORS. The Tornadoes got almost more than they could handle from the Warriors, who actually led Talladega College 33-31 at the break. In the 2nd Half the Tornadoes came from behind for a tight 63-61 victory led by Nigel Jones’ Double- Double of 20 points and 11 rebounds.

Biola EaglesDAY ONE – GAME THREE – In this game the top seeded BIOLA (CA) UNIVERSITY EAGLES dealt with the 8th seeded FAULKNER UNIVERSITY EAGLES (should be the Furies). Biola was in command all the way and parlayed a 38-26 Halftime lead over Faulkner U into an 84-54 blowout win. Terrell Funches of Biola University led the victors with his 26 points, followed closely by teammate Dakari Archer with 23.  

Cumberlands PatriotsDAY ONE – GAME FOUR – Upset was the name of the game as the 6th seeded UNIVERSITY OF THE CUMBERLANDS PATRIOTS faced the 3 seeds – the LANGSTON UNIVERSITY LIONS. The Patriots trailed the Lions at the Half by a score of 32-23 but came roaring back after the break to force Overtime with a 70-70 tie. In the extra session the University of the Cumberlands won it 80-78. Temjae Singleton tossed in 20 points to lead the way for the Patriots.

Georgetown College TigersDAY ONE – GAME FIVE – The GEORGETOWN (KY) COLLEGE TIGERS are the 1 seeds in their Region and combatted the 8th seeded WAYLAND BAPTIST UNIVERSITY PIONEERS (should be the Flying W’s). The Tigers were on top of the Pioneers (or Flying W’s) 48-40 by Halftime and then went on to expand that into a Century Club level 102-83 triumph. Noah Cottrill led Georgetown College in scoring with 28 points.  

williampennstatesmenDAY ONE – GAME SIX – Up next the 3 seeds – the WILLIAM PENN UNIVERSITY STATESMEN – clashed with the 6th seeded UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA-WESTERN BULLDOGS. The Statesmen had worked out a 41-35 advantage over the UMW Bulldogs by the midpoint of the game, then balled on in the 2nd Half for an 85-77 win. Brady Burford contributed 17 points for William Penn University.  

columbia cougarsDAY ONE – GAME SEVEN – The two teams battling in this game were the 2nd seeded COLUMBIA (MO) COUGARS and the 7 seeds – the LSU-SHREVEPORT PILOTS (Riverboat Pilots). The Cougars were not playing around and by the break had gotten off to a 55-32 lead over the Pilots. Columbia coasted from there, ultimately enjoying a 94-68 victory. Nathan Biggs made no small contribution with 22 points for the Cougars.

acu firestormDAY ONE – GAME EIGHT – The first day of the NAIA Division One Tournament ended with this showdown between the 4 seeds – the ARIZONA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY FIRESTORM – and the 5th seeded WILLIAM CAREY UNIVERSITY CRUSADERS. The Firestorm held a 46-41 edge over the Crusaders at Halftime, then came out of the locker room for an equally fierce 2nd Half. Arizona Christian University eventually got a bit more separation and won by a score of 84-77. The top scorer for the Firestorm was Christ Sterling with 21 points. 


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  1. The Evangels? Odd name.

  2. Kyle

    Damn these teams are obscure!

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