Liberal intolerance

** *** *** *** *** *** *** Unless you mindlessly agree with every single word they say this is pretty much the reaction of American Liberals.


Balladeer’s Blog is pretty much the only site on the web that criticizes American Liberals and Conservatives equally. Recently Liberals – who have become the 21st Century’s version of uptight religious zealots who think they’re fit to police everyone else – were shocked by the matter-of-fact way I mentioned that I read both left-wing AND right-wing news sites.

The fact that they were shocked will not surprise anybody who has carried on a conversation with the narrow-minded political robots who call themselves Liberals here in America. For American Liberals their ONLY rhetorical weapon is to insist that any information which challenges their political prejudices MUST be nothing but opposition propoganda.

Listen, Liberal fools, it is necessary to research both sides of every issue because of the way politicians and political organizations lie and lie and lie. And – (gasp) – sometimes it turns out that the political right is being more truthful than the sickeningly sanctimonious asses of the political left. For Liberal idiots to pretend that it’s “too dangerous” to look into the other side’s version of events puts them on the same level with the Bible-thumpers they hate so much.

Liberal intolerance 2Someone who refuses to consider all sides of an argument is automatically less worthy of listening to than someone who DOES consider all sides.


It’s impossible to take the arguments of American Liberals seriously when they openly admit that they refuse to consider any opinion except the one shared by their apparent hive-mind. Conservatives used to be just as bad but have opened up more in recent years. My fellow atheist Richard Dawkins recently encountered this ridiculous mindset when debating Liberals about Muslim misogyny and homophobia. He found it pretty absurd, too.

My favorite part was when the American Liberal fools frothed at the mouth and threw fits every time Dawkins cited Breitbart News. The close-minded left-wing nutjobs denounced Breitbart as non-canonical in their American Liberal religion, a stand that Dawkins ridiculed as “reductio ad Breitbartum.”

The left-wingers could not be reasoned with, as they deemed any news story to be false if it did not originate on one of the Left’s propoganda outlets. Yet, these are the pretentious asses who pretend to be so “deep” and “intellectual.”





  1. Your so right about how libs are more like religious conservatives now.

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