IslamBalladeer’s Blog’s readers know that I consider all religions to be nothing but irrational mythologizing. That said there is only ONE religion in the world that elected officials and the increasingly shrill media constantly try to browbeat the rest of us into regarding with a reverence it does not deserve: Islam.

It’s time for another roundup of some of the latest Muslim atrocities – and all of them perpetrated in nations often overlooked when Muslim murders are tabulated.

Please fight Islam for me

The American Left is so shallow maybe blatant, unsubtle messages like this are called for.

EL-ADDE, SOMALIA – On January 15th Al Shabaab – the Somalian franchise in the global Muslim Intolerance Machine – killed at least 63 innocent people with a suicide bombing.  

OUAGADOUGOU, BURKINA FASO – Also on January 15th – Muslim fascists screaming praise to Allah (their distortion of an ancient moon goddess and/or the matriarchal goddess Allilat) killed 29 innocent people and wounded 56 more in an attack on a hotel.

  • The victims of the above attack were from 18 nations and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau insulted his own country’s dead by holding a moment of silence for the attack AT A MOSQUE. The families of the dead victims were understandably upset that he did not instead hold that moment of silence at a religious location where the VICTIMS worshiped.
  • Trudeau didn’t care because for elected officials of the Western World it is ALL about placating Islam and ignoring the dead victims. If or when you and/or your loved ones fall victim to Muslim violence rest assured political figures will be rushing to Islam’s defense before their bodies grow cold.    

ADEN, YEMEN – At this site of what Obama called “a success of his administration” the daily violence continues. On January 17th a Muslim suicide bomber killed 11 innocent people and wounded 15 more.

ADEN, YEMEN – The next day Muslim fascists assassinated a Judge because, let’s face it – any form of law or stability is anathema to them. 

JAMRUD, PAKISTAN – On January 18th Muslim fascists killed 12 innocent people and wounded 39 more at a market. Obviously the “market” must have been “oppressing” Islam. Right, apologists for Islam?

SONGKHLA, THAILAND – On January 19th Muslim supremacists killed 1 and wounded 8 in an attack on a restaurant.  

CHARSADDA, PAKISTAN – On January 20th Muslim fascist gunmen attacked a university (Islam’s hostility to all education not “Islamic” in nature is well known.) and killed 31 innocent people while wounding 19 others. Insert Obama’s claim that the United States is the only nation that has mass shootings here.

GIZA, EGYPT – On January 21st the Islamic State, spawned by Barack Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq, had its operatives in Egypt kill 10 innocent tourists and wound 13 others. Because, hey, who needs tourism dollars when you’re batshit insane and living in the 7th Century.    

EL-ARISH, EGYPT – Also on January 21st more Muslim fascists kill 5 innocent people and wound 3 more.  

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA – Muslim gunmen attack a beachside restaurant on January 21st, killing 20 innocent people and wounding an additional 20.  

BODO, CAMEROON – On January 25th Muslim fascists kill 32 innocent people and wound 86 more at a shopping center. 

CHIBOK, NIGERIA – On January 27th Muslim supremacists kill 16 innocent people and wound 32 more at a vegetable market. The reason? The victims were non-Muslims.  

ADEN, YEMEN – On January 28th Obama’s “success” continued as a Muslim suicide bomber killed 11 innocent people and wounded 1o more. 

KERAWA, CAMEROON – Also on January 28th Muslim fascists killed 4 innocent people and wounded 12 others at a school for the “offensive” act of seeking an education.  

ADAMAWA, NIGERIA – On January 29th a Muslim suicide bomber kills 10 and wounds 28 innocent people. Again for the “crime” of being non-Muslim. 

*** Naturally there were daily Islamofascist attacks where they killed smaller numbers of innocent victims. Over the past 30 days over 1,500 innocent people were killed and over 1,700 wounded in 23 countries around the world. Islam carries this with it wherever it spreads and the most alarming thing is that politicians are now so obsessed with wooing the Muslim vote they consider the rest of us expendable and will try to silence any discussions of Islam’s need to grow up and join the 21st Century. 



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  1. What made you start to keep track of all the killings these fanatics commit?

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