"The Muslim World has moral superiority to the Western Democracies!"

“The Muslim World has moral superiority to the Western Democracies!”

I’ve been refraining from writing about this for weeks now to see if any facts would emerge to dispute it. None have and even the NEW YORK TIMES has now gone ahead with the story. Barack Obama’s DOD has given the green light to Muslim men in Afghanistan to rape little boys – bacha bazi or “boy play” – as the Afghani Muslims call it. 

As Muslim Violence Awareness Month continues U.S. soldiers face discipline FOR INTERVENING in the rapes to save little boys. All because of Obama’s classroom-level obsession with groveling for the Muslim world. (And it sure has made the Muslim world love us. Oh, wait … no it hasn’t.) The cries of the little boys being raped can be heard from our military bases the Times report stated but official orders are not to interfere.

Some soldiers are brave enough to rescue the rape victims anyway. And they face disciplinary action and jail time for courageously ignoring Barack Obama’s distorted and dysfunctional worldview. Here’s a RAPE CULTURE the gutless hypocrites who defend and enable Muslim atrocities will not want to discuss.

But still, I think it’s great that there are soldiers brave enough to not  “just follow orders” and to ignore Obama and his conscienceless enforcers. After all, the International Community has made it clear over the decades that soldiers who follow orders that conflict with their conscience cannot hide behind the orders they received. 

Again, I’m sure as hell NOT a conservative but I do not want anyone to EVER think I’m a Liberal. Liberal dogma dicates standing by and doing nothing to aid the children being raped. Then patting yourself on the back about it. (Endless self-congratulation is the defining characteristic of American Liberals. Just look at Little Barry Obama.) 

Will EVERY Democratic Party presidential candidate now be required to clarify where they stand on Muslim men raping little boys the same way all opposition party candidates are expected to distance themselves from everything that offends delicate Muslim sensibilities? No. That type of aggressive questioning from reporters runs only one way because the clueless and outdated buffoons of the Republican Party failed to keep pace with their competitors in the media arms race long ago.

As always these days many people are so paranoid about information that does not come from a site of their own choosing I’m not bothering with links. Just search online for this info and read for yourself from whatever site you prefer.

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  1. Obama has been a disaster for so many people.

  2. Obama is one seriously deluded jackass.

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