Marvel MLJReaction to my recent look at the forgotten superheroes from MLJ Publishing has been through the roof! We live in a superhero- crazed world right now as evidenced by movie releases in recent years. As a nice little encore here’s another MLJ superhero for you:


Marvel MLJ FULL BODYSecret Identity: Unknown (see below)

Origin: Unknown (see below)

First Appearance: Blue Ribbon Comics #2 (December 1939). His final Golden Age appearance came in the very next issue.

Powers: The Marvel was at the peak of human condition. He displayed Olympic-level agility and was excellent at unarmed combat. Plus he was an unerring marksman with the pistol he carried with him. Once the Marvel appeared in a puff of smoke but it is not known if that was accomplished via a superpower or was mere magic shop gimmickry.

Comment: I left the Marvel off my main MLJ list because of how short-lived he was. The Marvel’s secret identity was supposedly going to be revealed in the very next issue but that appearance never happened. 

In his two stories this footnote superhero was battling the criminal empire of gangster “King” Carr. His unofficial allies at the main city newspaper included reporter Scoop Cody who could not have been the Marvel because the two repeatedly appeared together at the same time.

On one occassion the Marvel showed up to save Scoop immediately after Cody “wished” the hero would arrive. There is now no way of knowing if this was meant to indicate some sort of link between the Marvel and the reporter or if it was just a coincidence. Sadly, this forgotten superhero has taken all his secrets into obscurity with him. 


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  1. This guy could have had a lot of potential.

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