liberals and conservativesI often get emails and comments that say things like: “Given the type of things you write about you’re clearly not a Conservative so why do you bash Liberals so much?” Or even: “What makes American Liberals such unbearable jackasses?”

Let me provide one small example. Not so long ago, one of America’s female Conservatives (which one is not important to this example) was speaking at a Tea Party event and closed by exhorting her audience to “Party like it’s 1773.”

American Liberals all across the media and the internet had a field day ridiculing the woman for saying that. In their usual prickish, pompous manner American Liberals assumed the woman had meant to say 1776, which was the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. Liberal asses repeated their snobbish “Conservatives are stupid” meme over and over again because of this incident.

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Actually since the Boston Tea Party, the event the Tea Party takes its name from, happened in 1773 – NOT 1776 – the Conservative Woman had the right year. That simple fact was lost and/or ignored in the slew of jokes about how “historically illiterate” Conservatives supposedly are for defending the woman. Talk shows, news shows, internet humor outlets all ran with the usual “Conservatives are morons” sentiment for several days.  

Let me emphasize this for my overseas readers: the people who had the historical reference RIGHT became national laughingstocks and were being ridiculed as “stupid” by the people who were WRONG about the historical reference. Corrections were never run or aired by any of the offending outlets. The historical fact was lost in the rush to ridicule and all the general public remembered was that, supposedly, once again Conservatives had revealed how “stupid” they are.

I even see this general attitude being lazily repeated in overseas media outlets. This is just one small example, but I wanted to offer it as Exhibit A why I can’t stand American Liberals even though I’m not a Conservative: Because American Liberals are pretentious asses who are nowhere near as “intellectual” as they think they are but feel that they are automatically “intellectual” simply by virtue of calling themselves Liberals. Actually BEING intelligent is irrelevant in their approach.

After all, as the above anecdote demonstrated “everybody knows Conservatives are stupid and Liberals are smart.” Most of the anecdotes that have fed into this general assumption are as off-base as the one recounted above. Other such assumptions, like the claim that Conservatives “hate black people” and many others fall into the same category.   

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  1. Well said. We are increasingly becoming a society that does not think well.

  2. Because they just are repulsive.

  3. Liberals do sound like they’ve become real pricks.

  4. Liberals have become such trash.

  5. Why are they so repulsive? Because they don’t know any other way.

  6. You are so wrong. May God help you to rest at night.

  7. I am with u about the need for 3rd parties.

  8. apotropoxy

    Democrats are trash.

  9. Ayanna

    I think they’re repulsive for no reason.

  10. Rosalind

    Perfect! This is exactly why the left is so loathsome!

  11. Debi

    The American left are a pack of fascists.

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