The confused, uncomprehending face of utter incompetence.

The confused, uncomprehending face of utter incompetence.

It’s been well-established that Barack Obama may well be the most simple- minded man to ever occupy the position of President of the United States. 

Obama views the 21st Century strictly in terms of the issues and concepts of the 1960’s so in his five decades out of date worldview he feels that as long as he disses America’s allies and crawls for America’s enemies he MUST be doing the right thing. 

Any negotiator knows that you never let the party on the other side of the negotiations know how desperate you are for a deal. Little Barry, however, in just one of many foreign policy blunders has repeatedly made public statements about how getting a deal – ANY deal – with Iran will be “the major accomplishment” of his last years in office. 

While the countless people still suffering without jobs or the countless people who lost their healthcare because of the Obamacare debacle might have hoped Obama would address THEIR very real problems Little Barry callously dismisses them. Hey, they’re just Americans. Why worry about his own constituents when he can look really DEEP, dude, by negotiating a half-assed, unenforceable deal with one of the nuttiest regimes in the eternal problem child called the Muslim World?

The Iranians are really putting the screws to Kerry and Barry, humiliating them over and over again as they get more and more concessions just because they know they CAN. Obama will probably be inviting the Iranians to “think of John Kerry as your own personal Ned Beatty” if he has to in order to claim he got a deal. Anything to justify the Nobel Peace Prize that Obama was given after less than a year in office based on NOTHING but the empty talk that has always flowed from Barry’s lips. 

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4 responses to “OBAMA TO IRAN: “I’LL BEG IF I HAVE TO!”

  1. This man couldnt negotiate his way out of a prverbial paper bag.

  2. He’ll do more than just crawl

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