Tupari live near the Rio BrancoKARAM – This deity was the sun goddess of the Tupari people who lived near the Rio Branco in Brazil. Karam was much more pwerful than her husband Puepa the moon god and shined much more brightly as the two of them made their way across the sky. That sky was supported by the celestial poles constructed by the god Patsiare, who perpetually replaced those poles (that were invisible to the human eye) when they were old and worn out.

Karam periodically had to fight off her archenemy, the enormous crocodile which attacked her periodically, and her struggle with that creature was perceived on Earth as eclipses. Eventually Karam’s burning, blazing power drove off her attacker and she resumed her majestic course across the sky, providing light and warmth for the world below.

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  1. It’s sad how few of the Tupari are left but its awesome that ur recording these myths online forever.

  2. Sarah

    You know there a Greek sun goddess named Alectrona

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