It’s no secret that Barack Obama is a weak, inept and crooked little man who has replaced even Republican Richard Nixon as America’s sleaziest President ever. Apparently he’s also dumber than he already appeared to be. The fool thought we had 57 states instead of 50, thought Austrian was a separate language, couldn’t pronounce the word “corpsman” (Barry said “corpse-man”) and on and on.

OBAMA: Hmmmm. If 58 out of 100 Senators are lawyers that means that ... less than a THIRD of them are!

OBAMA: Hmmmm. If 58 out of 100 Senators are lawyers that means that … less than a THIRD of them are!

A full collection of the twit’s idiotic remarks can be found on youtube. He even outdoes George W Bush in terms of the number of stupid comments and outright errors he’s made if you can believe that. Yet the pretentious, condescending ass STILL tries to talk down to other people!

In the ongoing battle over Obamacare (and even Democrats who voted for it are now distancing themselves from that disaster-in-waiting ) Obama pompously stated this week that the elected officials in the House and Senate don’t understand his travesty of legislation because “very few of (the members of Congress) are lawyers.” (?) That came as news to anyone who actually pays attention since one of the most frequently cited complaints about Congress for DECADES has been the joking insult that it’s “got too many lawyers in it.”

Out of 100 Senators FIFTY EIGHT of them are lawyers! (In other words one more than the number of states this First Mentally Challenged American President thought we had) In the House of Representatives ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT of them are lawyers! (In other words 44.5 times the number of Americans Obama let die in Benghazi to avoid embarrassment and inconvenience while campaigning for reelection.)

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  1. Obama is an embarrassment.

  2. This motherfucker has fucked up so badly no black person will probably ever get to be president again.

  3. You Americans were stupid enough to elect this man twice!

  4. Barack Obama is the dumbest man alive.

  5. Obama is the worst president you people have ever had!

  6. William Rhoden

    Obama’s presidency was horrible for my people.

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