Alien Lover

Alien Lover

ALIEN LOVER (1975) – Category: Enjoyably campy bad movie elevated by kitsch-value in the casting.             Pernell Roberts and a really young Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) in her pre-Ryan’s Hope and Mrs Columbo days add the additional comic value to this made-for-tv horror/sci fi hybrid. It was an hour and a half with commercials so with them edited out it’s just 60-some minutes long.

Kate plays a teenaged recovering loony who starts communicating with a teen from another dimension via a broken tv set in the attic of her home. The tv set can absorb people from our dimension into the alien dimension.
 The 70’s sitcom-style lighting makes you expect to hear laughter and applause from the studio audience every now and then. (Or at least recognition applause when cult figures like Pernell Roberts make their entrances) The whole laughable film plays like a half-hour Twilight Zone episode stretched out to an interminable length and the soap-opera-ish acting has you laughing so hard you may actually be surprised by the down-beat ending.
An episode of the campy 1950’s sci-fi show Johnny Jupiter would make the perfect desert after watching this movie!


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12 responses to “ALIEN LOVER (1975)

  1. Good article about a forgotten movie!

  2. Pernell with his toupee or without?

  3. Very Interesting! It isn’t easy to find quality stuff.

  4. This movie sounds like a joke!

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