Tune in tomorrow for Balladeer’s Blog’s recap of Day One action in the College World Series’ for both the NAIA and D3. For today here’s a look at those NJCAA Division 3 teams who won their district tournaments and are moving on.

Niagara College ThunderwolvesDISTRICT A – The NIAGARA COLLEGE THUNDERWOLVES are 37-16 and advance to the NJCAA World Series after their exciting 5-1 upset of the ERIE COLLEGE KATS in the District A championship game. Other teams from that district left waiting til next year were the HERKIMER COLLEGE GENERALS and the ONONDAGA COLLEGE LASERS.

Waubonsee College ChiefsDISTRICT B – The WAUBONSEE COLLEGE CHIEFS are 36-22 and took the District B title to advance to the College World Series. The Chiefs accomplished that with their THIRTEEN to ONE gutting and scaling of the HARPER COLLEGE HAWKS in the championship game. Other also-rans from this district were the MILWAUKEE TECH STORMERS, the COLLEGE OF DUPAGE CHAPARRALS, the JOLIET COLLEGE WOLVES and the ROCK VALLEY COLLEGE GOLDEN EAGLES.

Brookhaven College BearsDISTRICT C – The BROOKHAVEN COLLEGE BEARS are 31-18 and are the 2013 champions of District C. The Bears move on to the World Series by way of their pulse-pounding 7-5 triumph over the TYLER APACHES in the title game. Joining the Apaches in watching the Series from home will be the RICHLAND COLLEGE THUNDER DUCKS, the CEDAR VALLEY COLLEGE SUNS and the NORTH ARKANSAS COLLEGE PIONEERS.

Montgomery College RaptorsDISTRICT D – The MONTGOMERY COLLEGE RAPTORS boast a record of 40-15 and walked away with the District D crown. The Raptors took care of business by clobbering the PRINCE GEORGE’S COLLEGE OWLS 10-2 in the district championship clash. Additional teams left behind from this district were the COLLEGE OF ALLEGHENY-BOYCE SAINT BERNARDS, the WESTMORELAND COLLEGE WOLFPACK and the BUTLER (PA) PIONEERS.

Century College Wood DucksDISTRICT E – The CENTURY COLLEGE WOOD DUCKS are now sporting a 38-11 record, with the cherry on top being the District E championship. The Wood Ducks won the title with a 5-1 victory over the SAINT CLOUD TECH CYCLONES. The other teams waving goodbye to Century College as it moves on are the VERMILION COLLEGE IRONMEN, the RAINY RIVER COLLEGE VOYAGEURS, the FOND DU LAC TRIBAL COLLEGE THUNDER and the WESTERN TECH CAVALIERS.

Nassau College LionsDISTRICT F – The NASSAU COLLEGE LIONS, with a record of 19-16, emerged with the championship from District F. Nassau College defeated the SUFFOLK COLLEGE SHARKS in a best of 3 series. The Lions took two straight, dusting the Sharks by scores of 5-2 and 6-4. Also left in the wake of the Lions were the QUEENSBOROUGH COLLEGE TIGERS and the BRONX COLLEGE BRONCOS.

GloucesterDISTRICT G – Make it “G” as in Gloucester, since the GLOUCESTER COLLEGE ROADRUNNERS not only have an astonishing 45-3 record but also won the district tournament. The Roadrunners beep-beeped their way back to the World Series with a 9-2 thrashing of the CAMDEN COUGARS. Other also-rans from the district were the BROOKDALE COLLEGE JERSEY BLUES, the DELAWARE COLLEGE PHANTOMS, the BUCKS COLLEGE CENTURIONS and the CUMBERLAND COLLEGE DUKES.

Northern Essex KnightsDISTRICT H – The NORTHERN ESSEX KNIGHTS are 18-14 and won the District H championship game with a SEVENTEEN to TWO devastation of the HOLYOKE COLLEGE COUGARS. The other teams halted on their way to the 2013 College World Series were the QUINSIGAMOND COLLEGE WYVERNS, the BUNKER HILL COLLEGE BULLDOGS and the MASSASOIT WARRIORS.


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  1. The Wood Ducks? I gotta get a t-shirt!

  2. Waubonsee should do well.

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