Welcome once again to Balladeer’s Blog, the “Open City” in an America that is becoming increasingly disgusted with the fanatical left-wing zealots and right-wing zealots who are tearing the country to pieces. Liberals, Conservatives and Adults are all welcome here, which is the only place on the web that is truly non-partisan in its criticism of the shrill lunatics from both ends of the political spectrum. Time for another examination of the hypocrisy, immaturity and general self-centeredness common to Liberals and Conservatives alike.

Liberals and Conservatives ONLY want to believe news sources that pander to their pre-conceived notions. (Fox News Channel and talk radio for Conservatives – NPR, CNN, Huffington Post and network news for Liberals) Both Liberals and Conservatives sneer at any unpleasant information they don’t want to believe and smugly dismiss it as propoganda spread by the opposition’s news outlets.

TEARS OF A CLOWN: The weak, inept and crooked Barack Obama cries while being subjected to the kind of hard questions the press SHOULD have been subjecting him to years ago.

TEARS OF A CLOWN: The weak, inept and crooked Barack Obama cries while being subjected to the kind of hard questions the press SHOULD have been subjecting him to years ago.

Those of us who are adults know full well that we need to filter any news we hear and consider which way it is slanted. It’s like we’re jurors listening to prosecution and defense cases and trying to ascertain what the truth is while being exposed to conflicting and hopelessly one-sided stories about the same events. An old saying goes that “History is Rashomon” and since the daily news is considered “the first rough draft of history” it goes without saying that the news is Rashomon as well. 

Many of my overseas readers, especially from Europe, are well aware that news outlets are incredibly biased and have to be regarded with a healthy skepticism. Here in the United States the people who laughably consider themselves “journalists” have been spending the past few decades deifying themselves and promoting the myth that they are “objective” (Liberals) or “fair and balanced”  (Conservatives). In reality they are self-aggrandizing, money-chasing partisans transparently pushing their political agendas. 

This bias in the news media is nothing new, and when you consider how far back newspapers were endorsing political candidates it’s hard to believe anyone ever bought into the myth that reporters were objective. If you endorse candidates, you have an agenda. Period. Does anyone seriously think that the New York Times might endorse the Republican presidential candidate in 2016? Anybody buy the notion that Rush Limbaugh might endorse the Democratic party candidate that year? 

The self-spread myth of “journalistic integrity” seemed to really take off after the repulsive Richard Nixon was forced to resign. Simply because the left-leaning press was proven right about Watergate and the right-leaning press was proven wrong the left RAN with the notion that their kind of biased journalism was “objective”. This All The President’s Men image of journalists is every bit as invalid as the romantic images that surround repugnant figures like Wild West gunfighters or the pirates of the Spanish Main. 

But, the news media had fallen very deeply in love with this fantasy depiction of themselves and have been promoting it ever since. The kind of people drawn into journalism now are every bit as ambitious, dishonest and untrustworthy as the public officials they report on or are in bed with, depending on which side of the political spectrum they’re on. “Journalists” love to remind us that they are supposedly “the Fourth Estate” and they pretend that they keep a wary eye on the government for the rest of us even though their personal prejudices leave them and their “reporting” hopelessy compromised. 

However, just as news outlets are a necessary check on many governmental abuses, public skepticism about the private agendas that those news outlets blatantly push is a necessary check on the abuses of what you might call the “entertainment- journalistic” complex. So, when Liberals and Conservatives try to treat you like you MUST have been brainwashed by opposition propoganda when you refuse to mindlessly agree with their biased news sources, remind them of all this.   


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  1. Anonymous 1

    I just wish both sides would get the FACTS right…

    or at least come with a warning label…

  2. Ha! Isn’t that the truth? And have you seen how many people in network news are married or otherwise related to people in the Obama administration? Talk about having ulterior motives for shielding Obama from all the scandals his administration has been riddled with!

    I’ll do a piece soon on all the network news/Obama admin crossovers soon.

  3. Liberals and conservatives both suck!

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    • Another one of those “civil” liberal asses heard from! I’ve been called a communist, an anarchist, a satanist, an atheist, you name it, dickhead.

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