Two children of privilege who have nothing in common with the rest of us.

Welcome back to the favorite site of Independent Voters, Balladeer’s Blog, as always coming to you from an America stuck with the usual lame partisan fools that the Democratic and Republican Parties will go on sticking us with because of their monopolistic hold on our political system. This year the Democrats are trying to reelect the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama while the Republicans, rising to the challenge of coming up with a candidate as laughable as Obama, went with the man I like to call “the Republican Walter Mondale” – Mitt Romney.

Since Balladeer’s Blog remains the only site on the web that trashes both Liberal fools and Conservative fools equally I feel uniquely qualified to offer up some campaign slogans for these two repulsive figures. First up I’ll deal with Obama since he’s the incumbent felon, then I’ll handle Romney.

Barack Obama: If shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable entertainers think he’s fit to govern the nation who are YOU to question their judgement?

Barack Obama: He’ll shrink your take-home pay until you have trouble making ends meet or die trying!

Barack Obama: All the ineptitude of Jimmy Carter … all the corruption of Richard Nixon.

Barack Obama: Because the problems of the 21st Century call for 1960’s solutions.

Barack Obama: Greece or bust!

Barack Obama: African American when it’s politically expedient, “post- racial” when THAT’S politically expedient.

Barack Obama: Mindlessly embracing every opinion of 1960’s generation liberals because he has no ideas of his own.

Barack Obama: Like you DIDN’T think we had 57 states and that Austrian was a separate language!

Barack Obama: Protecting crazed dictators and the homophobic, misogynistic, intolerant Muslim world from the nation whose diverse people elected him.

Barack Obama: It’d be a shame if something happened to you on your way home after voting …

Barack Obama: The President of ALL Americans who donate millions to his campaign.

Barack Obama: Because his nonstop groveling for the Muslim world has made them just love us! Oh, wait …

Barack Obama: If you elect a sleazy Chicago politician you get a sleazy president.

Barack Obama: Forward … to the 1960’s!

Barack Obama: Can’t you take a joke?


Mitt Romney: Whatever he just said HE DIDN’T MEAN IT, OKAY?

Mitt Romney: No, seriously … Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney: If we all borrow money from our parents we can lick this deficit thing!

Mitt Romney: You can’t spell mittens without Mitt!

Mitt Romney: For people who found Bob Dole too charismatic and exciting.

Mitt Romney: Who SAYS nobody could do a worse job than Obama?

Mitt Romney: Maybe he thinks YOU suck, too!

Mitt Romney: Like he’ll be able to get his nutty ideas through Congress anyway.

Mitt Romney: We’ll never have to waste time adding his face to Mount Rushmore!

Mitt Romney: No, he’s not asleep. He always looks that way.

Mitt Romney: His life insurance policy is named Paul Ryan.

Mitt Romney: Remaining true to his Vulcan heritage he betrays no sign of emotion.

Mitt Romney: The Mormon Mondale

Mitt Romney: A 21st Century man with a 19th Century worldview.

Mitt Romney: So nobody will care if we eliminate the entire Secret Service to save money.

Mitt Romney: Pushing women back to the 50’s … the EIGHTEEN 50’s!


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  1. You are so good with things like this! It’s always so refreshing to see someone take on both sides and stop giving Obama a free pass. I voted for that asshole in 2008 and am ashamed of that vote!

  2. Incredibly funny as always! I love the way you rip everybody down! I was dumb enough to vote for Obama in 2008 also. Sorry everybody!

  3. My favorite was the one about shallow celebrities! lol

  4. “because his nonstop groveling 4 the muslim world has made them just love us. Oh wait.” LOL My favorite part. Obama is an embarrassment and I can’t believe I voted for him in 2008.

  5. Really funny! Loved the one about 1960’s solutions and the one about borrowing Romney being a Vulcan!

  6. This is WONDERFUL! It is so good to find a site that really does let both sides have it! I used to be a liberal a long time ago but I’ve been voting 3rd party for years now! Liberals became such selfrighteous jackasses.

  7. This was a classic! u r getting such a reputation for being irreverent enough to take on both parties.

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  10. omg classic lol These captured Romney’s stiffness and Obama’s sleaze absolutely perfectly!

  11. Funny all they way through! Obama and Romney are perfect examples of why we need thriving 3rd parties.

  12. MM

    You’re a liberal aren’t you?

  13. really enjoyed the one about unstable celebrities!

  14. Awesome! Loved the 1960’s solutions!

  15. Vulcan heritage was my favorite!

  16. Very good and very funny! “it’d be a shame if something happened” lol

  17. How come you did more criticizing Romney than Obama?

    • Partly to mess with paranoid liberals and conservatives. I used a lot more words for the anti-Obama slams but numerically did more anti-Romney because I knew people would count numbers and words to try to imply bias on my part.

  18. The ones about Romney were funnier than the ones about Obama.

  19. lol i love someone who can laugh at both sides!

  20. Your irreverence toward both parties is what I love!

  21. This was a classic! Hard to pick my favorite slogan they were all so funny and all so deserved!

  22. Ken


  23. These had me laughing so much! Romney got his but shitty little Obama gets coddled too much so this was fun to read!

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