” My plan to drastically reduce the take-home pay of those few Americans who, despite my incompetence, still have jobs will SURELY repair the damage I’ve done to the economy!”

 Welcome back to the favorite place of Independent Voters, Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the internet that is truly non-partisan in its criticism of the shrill children called Liberals and Conservatives. Last time around I examined how the unconstitutional monopoly that the Democratic and Republican parties hold on the American political system results in all our presidents being inept fools like Barack Obama and George W Bush.

Trust me, all of us would LOVE to vote for better people but the Democrats and Republicans refuse to nominate anyone who doesn’t play the same tired partisan game.

Because of my frequent references to the way Liberal fanatics and Conservative fanatics continue to tear the country apart I sometimes get emails from them asking me how I define the word “fanatic”. I’m always delighted when Liberals can tear themselves away from trite racebaiting and Conservatives can tear themselves away from their Bibles long enough to send me a few hate-filled missives so I’ll be happy to clarify my definition of the word.


You actually think people who mindlessly agree with your political views are “the good guys” and all the people who don’t are “the bad guys.”

You’ve deluded yourself into thinking that any facts that don’t fit your political prejudices are  propoganda spread by Fox News Channel and talk radio (Liberal fanatics) or spread by the Liberal media (Conservative fanatics) .

You avoid any and all exposure to news outlets that challenge your preconceived notions. Sorry, fanatics, but the rest of us are fully aware that both Liberal outlets and Conservative outlets slant their coverage so you need to weigh both sides.

You think the hopelessly corrupt, divisive and inept Barack Obama is a wonderful president (Liberal fanatics) or a Muslim sleeper agent (Conservative fanatics) .

Your first response to all dissenting views is to label them either (yawn) racist or unpatriotic.

… You lie and claim you speak on behalf of all African Americans and all women (Liberal fanatics) or that you speak on behalf of all “decent Americans” (Conservative fanatics) .

… You froth at the mouth with hatred whenever you hear the name of either Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton.

… You only ever vote for candidates from one political party.

… You’re simple-minded enough to believe that everybody must be EITHER a Liberal OR a Conservative instead of being fully- rounded human beings.

… Just because you hold one or two opinions that are generally considered liberal/ conservative you FORCE yourself to unquestioningly embrace all the other views that are generally considered liberal/ conservative. (I call these fanatics the “My side of the political spectrum right or wrong!” fanatics.)


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  1. Okay now I see why you say you upset some people. My guess is they are all Americans and therefore have no sense of humour when it comes to their views.

    • LOL! You said it! Liberals and Conservatives think it’s just “being realistic” to criticize the other side’s opinions but (yawn) racist or unpatriotic to ridicule their own opinions.

      Liberals and Conservatives have driven all reasonable people from the Democratic and Republican parties, so the lunatic fringe of both parties has become the mainstream of both parties.

  2. It’s all a head trick and branding. The horse race or the individual horse does not matter. The game is rigged. All those horses are looking so tired these days that I’d say they’re all ready for the knacker’s yard.

    Obomba, Bombney… doesn’t matter. They’re both pro-death and pro-corruption. If we had a strong third-party this year, maybe there would be a change of improvement. I don’t think so, though. Uncle Sam is headed for the old-age home of decrepit empires along with the rest. No reason to worry, though, entropy has a way of sorting these things out in time.

    • I know exactly how you feel, CM! To be light-hearted about it it’s like that Simpsons episode where both Kang and Kodos are the Democratic and Republican candidates and when people decide to vote third party they get ridiculed with the cliche “Go ahead! THROW AWAY your vote”

      I have never understood the fear of voting 3rd party or voting across party lines that some people have. The only way to “throw away” your vote is to keep voting for the Kangs and Kodoses of the Democratic and Republican parties.

  3. Very funny and very accurate! Liberals are every bit as bad as conservatives but they pompously think they are superior to conservatives.

  4. LOL This was wonderful! Those maniacs just keep tearing the country apart!

  5. Wonderful! I am sending this link to my friends and coworkers! Liberals and Conservatives are destroying the country.

  6. I agree! We need a war of independence from the Democratic and Republican parties!

  7. Wonderfully put! You said it all about liberals and conservatives being fanatics! I’m sending this to all my friends!

  8. Nice call for sanity but I don’t think liberals or conservatives will listen.

  9. Impressive arguments. I think liberals and conservatives love driving reasonable people out of the 2 parties just to increase their influence in them.

  10. Liberals and conservatives are so bothersome and you described their fanaticism perfectly.

  11. We liberals save ur ass all the time!

    • You deluded little fools like to think that but let’s face it, none of you have the courage to actually take a stand without thousands of like-minded people around you, usually chanting simple-minded slogans.

  12. Josef

    This puts it right! They are both fanatics.

  13. Liberals care more about illegal immigrants who commit other crimes than they do the victims of the rapes and murders. Hopefully President Trump will set things straight.

  14. Perhaps our representatives on Capitol Hill – including the GOP – could show equal backbone ?

  15. Lynn

    Oh come on! You have to admit liberals are far worse now.

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