Are Muslims who own restaurants also going to be forced to express support for gay marriage? How about abortion rights? How about treating women as equals? Somehow I didn’t think so.

 Welcome back to the favorite site of Independent Voters, Balladeer’s Blog, as always coming to you from an America being torn to shreds by the repulsive fanatics called Liberals and Conservatives. I’ve never hidden my support for gay marriage but I also never imply that people who disagree with me should have their constitutional rights violated.  American Liberals clearly DO feel that way, however.

Recently Dan Cathy, the owner of the successful Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain, blasphemed against American Liberalism’s most sacred scriptures by expressing his outdated opinion supporting the traditional definition of marriage. Democratic officials in Boston and Chicago, including Obama’s best buddy Rahm Emanuel, let their imperial disdain be known and claimed that Chick-Fil-A franchises would not be welcome in their cities because of this.

I have often made clear my contempt for American Liberals because of the cowardly way they refuse to criticize Islam’s homophobia and misogny the same way they criticize Christianity’s homophobia and misogyny but not even I thought they were low enough to pull a maneuver like this.

Since the Chick-Fil-A owner is a Christian Conservative naturally Liberal politicians feel it’s okay to squeeze a business whose owner probably donates to Republican candidates. As always, however, American Liberals live in denial of the fact that many, if not most, American Muslims ALSO oppose gay marriage. In those referendums held in various states with amendments proposing that marriage be explicitly defined as a union between a man and a woman I always remind Liberal fools that it wasn’t JUST Christian Conservatives voting FOR those amendments, but also plenty of American Muslims, to0.

Liberals in America often forget that many African Americans oppose gay marriage, too, and even the perpetually confused-looking fool Mitt Romney got APPLAUSE from the NAACP when he mentioned his support of the “traditional” definition of marriage. But this is how the ugly political game is played in America now. Liberals assume African Americans vote for them, so if THEY wouldn’t go along with the Liberal version of a Loyalty Oath by embracing same-sex marriage they’ll just ignore that. Meanwhile they can make cheap political capital out of pummeling the owner of Chick-Fil-A because they figure he votes for the opposition party. 

According to American Liberals Christian homophobia is wrong and is to be loudly and publicly condemned. Homophobia on the part of Muslims or of African American Christians is to be quietly swept under the carpet.    

So, getting back to my original line of thought, what about Muslim business owners who oppose gay marriage? Are they ALSO not welcome in Chicago and Boston? The only way to get cowardly and hypocritical American Liberals to understand any issue is to point out to them how it would affect Muslims, the religious fanatics they grovel for while simultaneously condemning Christians for holding many of the same views that Muslims do. Ironic, isn’t it?  

Now that even the Liberals reading this are capable of understanding why this attitude from people in elected office is wrong we can take it further. What would Liberal demagogues like Rahm Emanuel, Boston’s mayor Thomas Menino and Chicago Alderman Proco Merino (and many, many others) like to do about all this? Propose that nobody can even get a license to operate a business in their kingdoms UNLESS they agree with all of the political and religious views of Liberal politicians?

That’s not as outrageous as it sounds I guess, when you consider the way the increasingly demented American left has hopelessly politicized higher education. After all, in order to get a diploma now students are practically required to agree with all of the political and religious views of their Liberal instructors. I despise Liberals and Conservatives equally but there is no denying that Liberals are the biggest danger on this particular issue. I will say again that American Liberals are like the stereotypical Christian missionaries who would try to force their worldview and values on indigenous populations wherever they went, certain that they “knew what was best” for the “misguided” people who disagreed with them.


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  1. I find both sides reek to the heavens. Fanaticism in general has a foul odor to it.

    It isn’t “just” the silly, old Christians who have a problem with government interference with the marriage rite. Orthodox sects of various Abrahamic religious groups (Jews, Catholics, Muslims, etc) would be impacted by this. Also, not all interpretations of Buddhism or Hinduism support gay marriage.

    On an even more ridiculous note, I’m sure you can find plenty of protestant churches and other liberal Christian-based groups who would support gay marriage–including the UUs whose roots are Christian).

    The way I feel about it, personally: take the government out of religious rites. Open up the possibility of domestic civil contracts that allow for any kind of union or partnership between any number of consenting adults. This is where it is going, anyway. Leave the religious marriage rite to be defined by specific religions, and protect the rights of clergy to be exempt from performing any unions on religious grounds–in addition to the rights of religiously exempt employers. Then, keep public schools from force-feeding any indoctrination on the point to students. If people can’t promulgate Christianity in a publicly funded school, they should not be able to do likewise with any other lifestyle or religious choice. Just the facts, m’am.

    Then, let the chips fall where they may. People are already living polyamorous, gay, and serial monogamist lifestyles…all this does is add a paper trail. UNLESS, it forces the hand of the religious dissenters, in which case it truly is a culture war against orthodox forms of Abrahamic religiosity…which is something no one with an appreciation for liberty should support.

    Minor note: Not all missionaries were of the evil-enforcer variety. Some genuinely liked the natives and tried to offer them help and some of those same advocates for the indigenous of America found themselves at odds with the powers that be as a result–sometimes to the point of death at the hands of either their superiors or the people they were trying to serve.

    • I’d be a supporter of your solution and I think many other people would be, but the Left vs Right nuts can’t embrace any thinking outside of their endless squabbling and bickering.

  2. Woman

    “After all, in order to get a diploma now students are required to agree with all of the political and religious views of their Liberal instructors. ”

    Say what now???

    Wait… was Mighty Mao reincarnated in the American government? For it is beginning to sound might more dumb than usual.

    • You can get through and obtain a diploma, but your GPA may suffer. I refused to back down on my positions in an upper-division humanities course covering geopolitics in the MENA region. I expressed the conviction that both the Palestinians and the Israelis were guilty of wrong-doing.Other students holding this view, including myself, barely passed the course–thus dinging our GPAs despite active participation and genuine effort.
      My GPA isn’t as high as it could have been or should have been for the effort I applied to the task, but I take it as a badge of honor. I didn’t kiss anyone’s backside to get it and stayed the course to the end despite obstacles. That piece of parchment is my middle finger to the establishment. But then, the student loans are their middle finger back to me in response. Well played, I suppose. 😉

      • Your remark about student loans reminds me of some of the horror stories I hear about how much students owe now. I wonder sometimes if we are headed to a point where electives are left out and students are allowed to get what used to be a four-year degree in just three, taking ONLY classes relevant to their major.

      • I don’t know if that’s the way it will go, or if the bubble will just pop. The education and healthcare bubbles are bubbles just like housing, etc. I know I bought the “get a degree” line.

        Realistically, most people with an average IQ and average work ethic can obtain any degree they like. Money and class do the weeding more than individual capacity to learn. And most of the desire to learn is stamped out sometime during the first 12 years of school. All children can be brilliant and masterful, but the system is designed to make sure only a few “make it”.

        This is wrong and a real stumbling block for the whole human race. I think Open Culture University is the real way of the future–in the long run, if there is to be a future. But, it’s probably going to take an awful lot of pointless misery before we get there.

      • “But it’s probably going to take an awful lot of pointless misery before we get there”

        That’s why I like you, CM! You could make Dostoevsky himself say “Hey, lady, you’re bringin’ me DOWN!”

        I’m just kidding! You know I always enjoy your input since it’s always devoid of zombie cliches.

        Sorry to seem like I’m being an attention whore but if you want a laugh I think you might enjoy my comedy post on each of the presidents – I trash everybody and the comments following the post are fun, too. If you get a chance in the next few months it’s here:

      • I tend to read Russian writers–maybe a little too often 😉

        Thanks, I’m glad someone enjoys it. This is a welcome change from the smell of molten tar and chicken feathers my opinions are usually greeted with…

        I’ll be around to check out that post in a bit, in the meantime, allow me to pimp/promote another post of mine:

        I finally finished that book and the review. I had hoped to be more specific, but the pages ground me down to the point trying to drag out specific quotes was like volunteering to be Prometheus for a day. Really, everything went downhill after Ms. McCain’s letter of apology to Yakov Smirnoff and I really hadn’t thought there were new lows to reach after her lap dance from Phoenix the Vegas stripper 😦

    • Ha! Woman, when you mentioned at your own blog about how the teachers in China all have to be Party members it reminded me VERY much of the ugly situation evolving here in the U.S. with teachers’ unions being one-way political organizations.

      If you search on-line under anything like “politicized American educational system” or similar wording thousands of articles will show up. They all deal with the pathetic way American teachers at all levels seem to be rejecting the notion that their job is to teach students to think analytically and form their own opinions, teachers in America now feel that their job is to apply subtle and not so subtle pressure on the students to mimic the instructor’s political opinions. Period.

      Pretty ugly and it’s just another good reason to despise Liberals and Conservatives.

  3. You said it with this! Especially calling support for gay marriage liberalism’s loyalty oath. Except for American Muslims and African Americans who don’t like gay marriage. They get a free pass.

    • Thanks! I agree, American Liberals are sending the message that they are only against opposition to gay marriage from Republicans, just like the silly Occupy Wall Street movement was protesting ONLY billionaires perceived as Republican, with left-wing billionaires getting a free pass.

  4. Nice points about all this! I used to be a liberal but their unbearable hypocrisy has driven me away.

    • I know exactly how you feel. They just use gay marriage as a political stick to beat Republicans over the head with, while their protected groups are allowed to oppose it. I despise liberals as much as I despise conservatives these days.

  5. I am so glad to see someone talking about this angle of the story! What hypocrites democrats are to look the other way for some anti-gay marriage people but publicly harass others for it!

    • No problem! It’s like a new shakedown scheme – become a donator to the Democratic party or else we’ll hit you over the head with the gay marraige issue and try to ruin your business.

  6. I work in the news media and I enjoy the way you are open-minded enough to defend a viewpoint you don’t agree with yourself! I work at a network where we are always glad to see people like you are still around.


  8. Why don’t you just admit you’re a conservative?

  9. What repulsive shits Liberals are. This is how fascist imtimidation tactics work!!

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  11. Excellent! Liberals are now as much an enemy of free speech as the religious right always was.

  12. I first came here for the ancient Greek comedies and I enjoyed how you bashed both liberals and conservatives in your descriptions of those comedies. This item about Chick Fil A is just as good and captures liberal hypocrisy regarding Christians and Muslims perfectly! Islam’s homophobia and misogyny deserves to be protested just as much!

  13. Ken

    Good point. I’m sick of Islam getting a free pass on its attitudes toward women and gay people.

  14. You are a liberal so why do you keep pretending that your not?

  15. Nicely put. I admire how you stand up on this issue. I am so disgusted with the American left. i used to consider myself a liberal years ago but they are such hypocrites when it comes to Christianity’s homophobia and Islam’s homophobia. Bloody cowards.

  16. I really admire your willingness to take on both ends of the political spectrum at once!

  17. Interesting and unusual take. I don’t agree with every word of it but it’s at least a nice change from the usual liberal vs conservative battling.

  18. Very cool to see someone who looks past the usual liberal vs conservative nonsense. Cheers!

  19. The hypocritical way liberals treated Chickfila made me want to eat there more.

  20. Donna

    I definitely agree with this! Liberals now seem to think you either agree with them or throw some “hater” label on you and lead a protest against you.

  21. This is so refreshing! It’s nice to read something other than the usual liberals vs conservatives shit.

  22. Good 4 u! Nice 2 c a non christian stick up 4 us!

  23. Alfie

    Chick Fil A will hopefully do even better business after all this.

  24. Tammy

    Its nice to see some people still respect people’s right to say things they don’t agree with!

  25. Nice to see some people left who recognize that even the people who disagree with them have the right to express opinions.

  26. Dr C

    I wish liberals and conservatives would grow up and stop these boycotts of businesses like this. Your economy is doing badly enough.

  27. Nice. I support gay marriage, too, but I would never try to drive someone out of business for disagreeing with me.

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  29. u can go on youtube and see videos of Muslims refusing to bake gay wedding cakes.

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