The Frontierado holiday is fast approaching! Friday, August 3rd is the big day so Balladeer’s Blog is right here with another seasonal post.

This one will honor the Top 5 western-themed college sports teams from the divisions covered here. The award is named after the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Drovers, the official college sports team of Frontierado every year.

You can soak in the grandeur of the USAO logo at left, then revel in this year’s standings for “The Drovey Award”.

5. YAVAPAI COLLEGE ROUGHRIDERS – Not just Teddy Roosevelt’s unit from the Spanish-American War but various outfits of Wild West outlaws and bounty hunters also went by the butt-kicking name Roughriders. Yavapai College remains a soccer and baseball power to this very day and is always dangerous come playoff time.

4. WAYLAND BAPTIST UNIVERSITY PIONEERS – The pioneers of the old west were made of the same hardy stock as the student- athletes at Wayland Baptist. Texas may be the state that best represents the American West from a global perspective so that state’s silhouette being part of the WBU logo earned them this spot over plenty of other college teams called Pioneers.

Since the W is sort of a “Flying W” cattle brand I’ve been suggesting for years now that Wayland’s male teams (Pioneers) and female teams (Flying Queens) could combine into the lone nickname The Wayland Baptist Flying W’s. It would retain the western feel and the spirit of both nicknames.

  3. CISCO COLLEGE WRANGLERS – “Hey Cisco! Hey Pancho!” … Had to be said. Now we can leave O. Henry’s famous Robin Hood of the old west out of this for the rest of the article. But if you insist you could insert your own Duncan Reynaldo joke here.

The Wranglers narrowly edged out the Garden City College Broncbusters in making this list, but the stern look on the face of that tough hombre on their logo and the opportunity for me to make lame Cisco Kid jokes won out in the end. And let’s face it, “Garden City” just doesn’t sound western, even though it’s in Kansas.

2. SANTA BARBARA CITY COLLEGE VAQUEROS – To forestall the avalanche of emails from Jim Rome and Steve Czaban fans let me point out that these are NOT the Gauchos, who are the UC-Santa Barbara teams, but the Santa Barbara City College teams.

With that out of the way we can now let ourselves enjoy the mammoth cool that IS the Vaqueros logo. The SBCC mascot makes you want to strap on a pair of six-guns and a neckerchief, mount up on your favorite horse and ride off into the golden California sunset! Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog are very familiar with the Vaqueros from the extensive coverage they get every football season.

 1. GOLDEN WEST COLLEGE RUSTLERS – That is Rustler Sam himself to your left, expertly brandishing one of the tools of his trade. The only thing cooler than Sam himself would be the helmets worn by the GWC football team!

Anyone familiar with my football and baseball coverage has been exposed to the many successes of the Rustlers sports teams. And not only that but they’re aware that the Golden West College Rustlers are the official college sports team of the one and only Joanne “Buckshot” Bryant, the Queen of the Rustlers herself! Buckshot is our number one team’s Goodwill Ambassador to New Zealand which is why the Rustlers now have a contingent of fans in the land of Kiwis!



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  1. Sign me up for the Drovers!! Do they play basketball?

  2. If everybody covered sports in the fun way you do I would be a sports fan!

  3. I thought the Wranglers should have been at number 1

  4. I like the Rustlers but I love the Pioneers! Sign me up!

  5. I missed it…thanks for the heads up Ed !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I thought the Wranglers were cooler than the Rustlers.

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