Two of the worst presidents in history walk into a bar …

 Welcome back to the favorite site of Independent Voters! This is Balladeer, America’s favorite loose cannon of the Culture Wars! Actually I’m far from famous but you have to admit the expression “America’s favorite loose cannon of the Culture Wars” really kicks ass! As always this is the only site on the web that criticizes both Liberals and Conservatives equally.

Following today’s Supreme Court decision on illegal immigration which, surprise, surprise, struck down part of the law being reviewed AND upheld part of the law being reviewed, both sides are claiming victory. Many of my readers are from overseas and they’ve been asking me about the political gibberish that Liberals and Conservatives spout about immigration laws here in the U.S.

For starters, ignore EVERYTHING either side says in which they pretend to be taking a principled stand. None of it matters and it’s all just a smokescreen to obscure the truth of the matter. That truth is that American Liberals and American Conservatives all have the bigoted assumption that illegal immigrants are overwhelmingly Hispanic and on top of that bigoted assumption lies another. That upper tier assumption is that illegal aliens would overwhelmingly vote Democratic if they were granted legal status en masse.

Since American Liberals are mindless footsoldiers of the Democratic Party and American Conservatives are mindless footsoldiers of the Republican  Party that is why Liberal politicians (but not their constituents, whose opinion on this issue apparently means nothing to them) favor ANY political subterfuge that grants legal status to the illegals OR simply ignores their illegal status and lets them have all the privileges of citizenship without any of the responsibilities that legal immigrants are saddled with. The only thing Liberals care about is all those people voting for candidates with a (D) after their names.

That’s also why Liberals vehemently oppose voters being required to show proof of citizenship in order to vote in our elections. American Liberals know that even without legal status plenty of illegal immigrants can vote for Democratic candidates under the current laws by just showing up at the polls and voting, so they pretend having to show proof of citizenship is (yawn) “racist intimidation” even though ALL voters, not just ones who seem “Hispanic”, would be required to show proof of citizenship. 

American Conservatives like to pretend they oppose illegal immigration out of respect for “the rule of law” and over (yawn) “national security concerns”. Don’t believe them. What they are REALLY concerned about is having literally millions of new citizens potentially voting for their political opponents (under the bigoted assumption – shared by both Liberals AND Conservatives – that American Hispanics all have ties to or sympathies toward illegal immigrants).

If the assumption was that illegal immigrants would vote Republican then you can bet American Conservatives would be the ones favoring either “instant” citizenship or favoring just allowing who knows how many illegals to continue voting by refusing to institute proof of citizenship requirements in order to vote. American Liberals would then be the ones adamantly opposing blanket citizenship for all illegals to prevent millions of new  Republican voters. 

Ignore all the sickeningly self-righteous platitudes from both Liberals and Conservatives on this issue. You now know the only thing that matters about the whole question of illegal immigration and the fundamentally bigoted assumptions that both parties use as a basis for their respective policies. 


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  1. I’m from Arizona, and balladeer is telling the truth with a big T. I resent both parties with unrestrained passion. The liberals play the race card, and the conservatives play the nativist (nee racist) card. Meanwhile, their backers don’t really care, because no matter who plops his/her tushie in the White House, the monied elite win. The game is rigged.

  2. Thank you so much for pointing out that not all of us who are of Hispanic descent support illegal immigration. We cae here legally and so can they. It’s not that difficult.

    • No problem. As repulsive as conservatives are I’ve really gotten disgusted with the way American liberals think they are fit to speak on behalf of everyone they categorize as a minority group.

    • Woman

      Here here!!!

      I feel the same way about illegal foreigners here in China who cry.

      Balladeer darling… fantastic opinion peice as always!!!!

      • Thanks for the kind words!

        I know what you mean. I can sympathize only so far with people who know they’re entering a country illegally.

        Try to imagine how China would be if you had an entire political party devoted to putting the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of the interests of everyone else in the country. That’s what the Democratic party has become here.

  3. Excellent opinion piece. I can’t find a job and all the administration cares about is pleasing illegal immigrants.

    • I know what you mean. You’ve read my stuff trashing presidents from both parties but I can honestly say Obama is hopelessly inept, thoroughly clueless and clearly in over his head. He seems to have thought the problem with government is nobody having ideas, but in reality the challenge is providing leadership and working together to make a few ideas a reality. This clumsy stooge can’t even get one member of his own party to vote for the only budget proposal he has ever put forward. Pathetic.


    • Thanks! They have made us a land of fanatics that’s for sure!

      • I’m just tired of people being pitted against each other all the time. Election years–for the last several years–have been miserable. I’ve seen families and churches turned into some sort of Hatfield-McCoy reenactment. So pointless. Part of me hopes no one votes in November. Or else, there are so many write-ins for “None of the Above” that literally no one wins. 😉 A girl can dream…

      • Ha! I know what you mean. The lunatic fringe of both parties has become the mainstream of both parties as all the reasonable and rational people have been driven away by the tiresome feuding.

  5. What do the rest of us have to do to get some attention from the Obama adminsitration? He only cares about making life easier for illegal immigrants it seems.

    • I agree. Maybe we all need to leave the country, renounce our U.S. citiznship and return to the country illegally. THEN maybe he’ll address issues that affect us.

  6. Thank u thank u thank u! I cant tell u how mad I get at liberals acting like every1 whose Hispanic is either for illegal imigration or is illegal themselves.

    • No trouble! You should start telling all of them how you feel. The rest of us are so fed up with liberals and conservatives we love seeing either group get put in its place and knocked out of their smug complacency.

  7. Interesting and fun! Liberals and conservatives have worn out their usefulness and are just destructive now!

  8. This is truth! Not the usual partisan bullshit.

  9. I think ur country is masochistic the way u let people stream across ur border and vote illegally.

  10. YES! People need to start cutting through the bs on immigration and politics like you did here.

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  12. Bradley Shoop

    Thank you for perhaps the most level headed thing I have read regarding illegal immigration.

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